Kate Wilson is your ordinary 19 year old girl. She has a job at Starbucks and while on her way home from work one night meets a boy who changes her life completely for the worse. Read to find out what happens on Kate's horrific journey of getting to know her kidnapper, Harry Styles.


3. Chapter 3

My eyes widened when I realized who he was. He was the boy from earlier, the one I served in Starbucks, the one that had made me so paranoid I jumped at every possible sound that had occurred around me. What would happen now? Would he kill me? Was he the one who had committed those murders from the other night?

I kicked and punched at him but nothing worked, he kept a tight grasp of my waist as he dragged me down my driveway. He shoved me into the trunk of his car and gave me a small smirk before closing and locking it. I lied in the corner of the trunk, tears streaming down my face. What was he going to with me? I heard the roar of the engine as he began to drive, I scanned around the trunk for something to use to try and break out, or send a message of some kind, or even just alert another driver from behind that I'm here, stuck in this trunk. But there was nothing, absolutely nothing. "Pretty genius planning though, eh?" Those words he had said played and replayed over and over again in my head. I put my hands over my ears and mentally begged for it to stop. My head pounded from all the crying I had been doing. I stopped and took a deep breath. Okay Kate, think, don't panic just think. You'll get out of this. I froze, I had forgotten completely about my phone. I whipped away the warm tears running down my cheeks, let out a shaky breath and searched my back pockets for my phone. As I felt the rectangular shape in my right pocket relief folded over me. I grabbed it and dialled 9-1-1.

"Hello this is 911 what's your emergency?"

"Help! You have to help me! I'm stuck in the trunk of this car! He kidnapped me, I'm going to die!"

"Ma'am please calm down, I can't help you if you're screaming. Do you have any idea where you are?" The lady on the other line calmly spoke.

"I don't know! We're just driving, I have no clue, you have to help!" My voice was shaky as I started crying again. I heard a beep coming from my phone and looked to see a low battery notification; 5% my heart dropped. This has to be some kind of dream or something right? This isn't actually happening, I'm going to wake up soon in my nice warm bed and I'm not going to be in some psychotic person's house. This isn't real, it's all fake, this is not happening.

"Hello? Ma'am are you still there? Can you tell me your name sweetheart? Hello?" I had completely forgotten about the lady on the line. I quickly put the phone back up to my ear.

"Yes hi, I'm Kate. I'm still here but my phone is dying, I only have 5%" I sniffled.

"Is there any other phone around that you can use Kate? Have you looked around the trunk for anything that can help you break out?"

"No there's no other phone, and yes I have but there's nothing here. Please help! You have to help me!"

"Please calm down, I'm going to do my best to get you out of there okay honey, just keep on the line and we'll get you out."

"Okay." My voice was getting shakier, I knew I wasn't going to be able to stay on the line for much longer, my phone could die any second now and my chances of being saved are slim to none. I tried to think of things that made me happy, just to keep my mind off everything, but that didn't seem to work. I could still hear the words relaying over and over again in my head "Pretty genius planning though, eh?" I shook my head to rid the thoughts of this boy being the person that committed those murders. I refused to believe that I would die today.

I froze when I realized I could no longer hear the lady's voice from the other line. I panicked and looked at my phone. A black screen, this is it. It's dead. I'm dead.

I know this one isn't very long but please tell me what you guys think of the story so far! What do you think will happen to Kate? Xx

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