Kate Wilson is your ordinary 19 year old girl. She has a job at Starbucks and while on her way home from work one night meets a boy who changes her life completely for the worse. Read to find out what happens on Kate's horrific journey of getting to know her kidnapper, Harry Styles.


11. Chapter 11

Chapter 11:

My heart sunk as I was dragged back towards that dreadful house in the middle of nowhere that I thought I had escaped just hours ago. Tears filled my blue eyes as I thought of what Harry was going to do to me once he got me back inside.

He grabbed the handle of the door and violently yanked it open with his free hand and used the other to drag me inside. As soon as the door slammed shut and terminated any chance of me escaping he began to raise his voice.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" He growled, pushing me harshly against the cold hard wall.

"I just want to go home Harry, I miss my family!" I cried.

"Aww well that's too bad, you're not going home Kate. Get over it!" He grabbed my hands and slammed them into the wall above my head. I whimpered in pain as tears started rushing down my face.

"I'm sorry." I whispered.

"I didn't leave because of you, Harry." I said, hoping I would be able to talk my way out of being punished any further.

"You didn't?" His expression suddenly softened and his eyes turned from dark green to the bright green that I actually enjoyed admiring- I had never seen anybody with that hypnotizing green colour eyes before.

"No." I softly spoke into his ear, not wanting to make eye contact just incase he would be able to tell that I was lying. His grip loosened on my arms and he gently set them back down by my sides. He placed his thumb under my chin and carefully tilted my head up so that our eyes met.

"Why did you run away then?" He asked. He looked hurt and for a quick second I felt really bad for him. He's just so broken and he needs someone who can help fix him. But that someone can't be me, I have enough of my own problems to be fixing.

"I left because I don't like this place. I miss my friends and I don't have anyone to talk to while I'm locked up in that chair all day." I looked down at the broken floorboards on the opposite side of the hall to where Harry had me pinned against the wall.

He began to kiss at my neck, trailing down and across my collar bones then back up towards my jawline. He tilted my face towards his once again. I could feel his hot breath against his lips, my heart started pounding. Without hesitation he pressed his soft lips against mine and they moved in synch. This was the first time he had ever kissed me and I was in total shock.

After realizing that if I didn't respond he would probably get angry, I tangled my fingers in his curls and opened my mouth a little to give him entrance. His large hands trailed up my leg until he met my thighs, he rubbed the backs of them in small circles and picked me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist then pulled away, desperately gasping for air. He trailed his lips across my cheek to ear and began to bite at the skin behind it.

"Nice try but I know you're lying. I always know when you're lying. Just remember that." He growled. I frowned and tried to think of something to say to convince him I was telling the truth but thought of nothing. The truth was that I did run away because of Harry, he scares me. He would scare anybody. He doesn't give me much of reason to not be scared of him, he's always yelling at me and throwing me around like I'm his puppet.

"You need to realize that you're mine now and that's never going to change." He whispered. He set me down and starred at me intensely.

"You need to accept it." He stated.

He grabbed my hand and lead me to his bedroom.

"Since you're so lonely down in that room you're going to sleep in here with me again tonight." He closed the door to his bedroom and locked it. I padded over to his bed and placed my head on the soft pillows. He made his way towards me and covered my small shaking body with the soft warm blankets.

He switched off the light and climbed in the bed next to me, pulling me impossibly close to him, grasping me tightly in his muscular arms.

"Oh and one more thing before you sleep, don't try to escape ever again. I won't go so easy on you next time." He whispered, placing a small wet kiss on my neck.

AN: Hi guys :) sorry this one isn't that long but thank you so much for almost 300 reads. I can honestly say I've worked so hard on this fanfic so far and I'm happy that you guys are enjoying it. Please leave your thoughts in the comments, I would really appreciate it and it encourages me to write more when I see what you guys have to say. Oh and I would just like to say, I realize Harry is nothing like this in real life. He's the kindest human being I think I've ever known of so please take notice that this is a fanFICTION and I know Harry would never do anything like this to anyone (but also remember that he is being possessed so he doesn't have control over a lot if his actions) I'd just like to make that clear :). Please like and favourite, love you guys! X

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