Not a secret singer(sequel to secret singer)

(Read the first book 'secret singer' then read this book)

Liz isn't a secret anymore
What will happen?
What will Niall do?
Will he forgive her?

Is liz gonna be okay after??



19. the next morning

Liz's pov

I woke up "Fuck!" I said ,I have a god damn headache!! "Here you go babe" ash said ,handing me Advil and water "thanks..." I said with a weak smile ,then he started laughing "why the hell are you laughing?" I said confused "you were kinda funny last night"he said with a smile "what'd i do?" I asked "you said that Calum was cute!then you kissed his nose,then I tried getting you to bed but you said you weren't drunk so I said walk in a straight line you tried then you fell and started laughing!" He said with a big smile "wow...I got really drunk!" I said "yeah you did" he said wrapping his arms around me ,"i love you" he said "I love you too" I said before I kissed him ,we started making out "hey how's sh-" I heard Niall say " Niall..." I said awkwardly said "I was checking on you...." He said before walking back downstairs "well that was weird..." Ashton said "yeah.....what do you wanna do today?" I said "I don't know what do you wanna do" he said "haha I just asked you that" I said with a small laugh "are you feeling little better today?" He said after he kissed my hands "a little...." I said "so...wanna go eat breakfast at IHOP?" He said "hell yeah!" I said then he laughed "okay get ready" he said "K" I said getting out of bed ,I kissed Ashton's cheek "I'm gonna take a quick shower" I said "I wanna come!" He said "never!" I ran before ash could come "well fine then...." He said ,then I stuck out my tongue ,i got in the shower and then I started singing

"Your so hypnotizing could you be a devil would you be an angel your so touch magnetizing feels like I am floating ....they say be afraid your not like the others futuristic lover .different DNA they don't understand you.your from a whole other world.a different demantio-"

"Liz are you almost done in the shower?" I heard Abby say "why don't you use the other bathrooms?" I asked "the boys are using them!" She said " I'm almost done" I said as I was turning off the water ,I stepped out and wrapped a towel around myself then I blow dried my hair then I put my underwear on then I put on some white jeans then a blue shirt that said 'taken' on it ,haha Ashton bought this shirt for me! Then I walked out of the bathroom "finally!" Abby said ,then I stuck my tongue out ,I walked into our room "hey babe,you ready?look your wearing the shirt I bought you" he said with a big smile " yeah and yes i am,I just have to put on my sandals" I said "we're taking my motorbike" he said "oh nice haha" I said "so front or back?" He said "excuse me?" I said "babe I meant front or back on the bike" he said "oh guess the back" I said "k" he said putting on his jacket and shoes "I'm ready now" he said "ok" I said putting on my jacket "ok I'm ready now" I said just as I put on my sandals "let's go babe" he said "ok" I said going downstairs and opening the door then I hopped on his bike "I actually wanna go in front" I said with a cheeky smile "ok but I'm still steering" he said "ok" I said then he sat on the bike,he wrapped his arms around me then we started going to IHOP ,when we were half way there I took out my phone and started recording "hey guys! Me and ash are going to IHOP!" I said "babe the fans are going to be crowding us" he whispered in my ear "shah they'll hear you" I said but luckily they didn't "fine ....bye guys see ya there" I said with a wink then I stopped recording and I hit send then I got a lot of follows and likes and favorites and revines and retweets "holy shit! I still can't believe that just sending one video can make this happen!" I said "I know! It's annoying sometimes when you get hate and stuff.." He said "oh..." Then I put my phone away "hate doesn't bother you...does it?" He asked "no...not really....I just don't read it..." I said "I'm glad that it doesn't bother you...and that you don't read it" he said putting his hand over mine "we're here now" he said while parking "yay! I'm starving!" I said getting off ,then a walked towards the door.but then Ashton opened the door for me."aw thanks babe" I said kissing his cheek "you missed" he said "what?" I said confused then he kissed me,I kissed back . "How can I help you" I heard a lady say "oh um a table for two,please" Ashton said "okay,follow me" the slutty waitress said and I noticed that he looked at her ass "ok" Ashton said "here you are.a table for two" she said "thank you" Ashton said then I sat down across from ash "would you like to order now?" A very handsome waiter said,I winked at him "can we have a Minuit please" ash said "very well" the waiter said "what the hell! Why did you do that! You slut!" He said "ME you're calling ME a slut! What about how you looked at that waitress!" I could feel tears in my eyes ,I looked down At my arms.which had cuts and a few scars "I'm sorry babe.i would never wanna hurt you.this our first fight.and our last fight" he said coming over to hug me "I'm sorry babe" he said "it's okay .im sorry too" I said before I kissed his cheek "would you like to order now?" The waiter asked "yes I'll have the pancakes with blueberries and blackberries with whipped cream.and some tea to go with it" Ashton said "and I'll have the waffles with strawberries....and orange juice" I said handing him the menus "okay.ill be back with your drinks but the food might take a few moments" the waiter said "okay" I said

~skip breakfast(so sorry)~

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