Not a secret singer(sequel to secret singer)

(Read the first book 'secret singer' then read this book)

Liz isn't a secret anymore
What will happen?
What will Niall do?
Will he forgive her?

Is liz gonna be okay after??



26. staying up all night with Alexa

Liz's pov

Me and Alexa are still awake and it's 12:23AM! "Okay,who was your crush when you first met Ashton?" Alexa asked "um....I was with Niall when Met ash..." I said a bit awkward..."you were with NIALL?!" She asked shocked and surprised "yeah...." I said as I was starting to remember all the things that happened when he dumped me..."sorry liz" Alexa said hugging me,I hugged back "it's fine,you didn't know" I said wiping my face "wanna make a late night snack?" She asked "yeah! Food is my life!" I said with a laugh ,then me and Alexa raced into the kitchen "let's just heat up the leftovers that my mom gave me" Alexa said "I love your moms cooking!" I said "can you guys be quite?!" Luke said walking into the kitchen rubbing his eyes "yeah sor-""nope,it's impossible for me!" Alexa said " too,sometimes" I said "your different with Alexa" Luke said grabbing a water bottle "well yeah,of coarse I am,she's my sister,we've known each other since we were babies" I said "oh..." He said "you know what we should do! We should do the duck tape challenge!" I said putting the food back "yeah! Luke you have to help" she said "no I'm going to bed" he said trying to walk out "Luke!" I said jumping onto his back "Ah! Get off!" He said "not until you help us!" I said hanging on ,he sighed "fine" he said "yay!!" Me and Alexa said at the same Time "okay Luke you go find the duck tape and liz you go find a stool,and I'll find a spot for us to do this" Alexa said "okay" Luke and I agreed then we split up to find the stuff "liz doesn't Calum have some space in his room?" Alexa asked me "yeah" I said,then I saw the face "wait that's your idea face! What are ya gonna do!" I said "you'll see" she said walking off to cal's room ,then I went upstairs to get the stool in the closet ,I got up to the closet and I found the stool. "Got it" I said to myself ,then I went back downstairs "okay let's do this" Alexa said and me and Luke followed her into Cal's room,she switched on the light "what the?!" He said "we're using your room,is that okay?okay" Alexa said placing the stool down "liz you go first" she said "okay" I said with a smile ,then I stood on the stool,then Luke and Alexa started putting duck tape on me and the wall,Alexa did my legs and Luke did my arms and waist,then he got to my chest "Um Alexa I think you can do her chest" Luke said awkwardly "fine" she said ,then they finished putting duck tape all around me, "okay we're gonna remove the stool" Alexa said "wait! I'll record it!" Luke said grabbing Calum's phone "okay now go" he said ,"K" Alexa said moving the stool out of the way,then I fell and felt my ankle twist as my weight went onto it as I fell "OW! My ankle!" I said as I was in tears "get the duck tape off her!" Alexa said,as Luke said helping her, "it really hurts" I said "Calum! Get up! And go get Ashton!" Luke said "what?! Wait okay" he said getting up and running out of the room ,then a Minuit later ash and Calum came into the room "Babe what happened" he said "they tried doing the duck tape challenge and she fell and twisted her ankle" Calum spoke for me "it really hurts really bad!" I said "we should take you to the hospital" ash said lifting me up bridal style ,I wrapped my arms around his neck,I kinda cried a little "it's gonna be okay" he said putting me in the back seat of the car,then other guys came onto the car too,Alexa sat beside me,then Calum,then Luke,and I guess they woke up Abby and Michael too cause they were on the car ,then ash started driving to the hospital,we got there then ash lifted me up again,we walked in "May I help you?" The lady at the front desk said "um yes,my girlfriend she twisted her ankle" ash said "fill these forms out then hand them back " she said handing him the papers "okay" he said as he set me down on a chair and he filled the papers.he handed them back then lifted me up again "okay I'll show you the room,and the doctor will be here shortly" she said opening the door .then ash set me down on the bed,then the doctor came in "sir I'm gonna have to ask you step out for a moment" he said to Ashton "okay I'll see you" ash said kissing my forehead then he went to wait outside the room, "okay miss.campbell what happened here" he asked "I twisted my ankle" I said "and how did it happen?" He asked " and my sister were....doing tape challenge...and I um..fell" I said "I see" he said "does it hurt when I put it like this" he said moving my ankle forward "ow!" I said "you broke your ankle,miss.campbell" he said "I kinda thought so.." I sighed "you can pick a cast" he said "pink,baby blue,or green" he asked "pink" I said "glow in the dark?" He asked "yeah! Oh...I mean yes" I said a little bit quieter "very well then" he said

~after the cast was put on~

I was laying in the bed then the doctor came in "you can leave whenever you want now,we've finished the tests" he said "wait! How am I going to walk?" I said "here are your crutches" he said handing me pink crutches "thank you" I said grabbing them,and getting up and out of the room "liz are you alright?" Ash said concerned "yeah I just need to keep this cast on for 9 weeks" I said "wait did you sprain it or break it?" Abby said "broken" I said "oh...that sucks" Michael said " does..." I said

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