Not a secret singer(sequel to secret singer)

(Read the first book 'secret singer' then read this book)

Liz isn't a secret anymore
What will happen?
What will Niall do?
Will he forgive her?

Is liz gonna be okay after??



25. packing/dinner

Liz's pov

"I'm so exited to live with you!" I squealed "me too" she smiled "okay I finished packing these three boxes where do I put them?" Ash said "here I'll put them in the car" I said ,then ash handed me the boxes "holy crap!these are heavy!" I said/yelled "do you want me to take them?" Ash said "nope I'm fine" I said walking out with the boxes ,then I unlocked the car and put the boxes in the back seat ,then I went back inside "you okay?" Alexa said "I'm fine" I said "just making sure" she said "okay I'll pack the rest" I said "um there's nothing else to pack liz" Ashton said "really?" I said confused "yeah,we just packed up the last things in these suitcases" Alexa said "oh okay,then let's put them in the car" i said ,then we put all the rest of the stuff in the car and we all got in the car too "Alexa,your very quite" Ashton said,then I started laughing "what?" He asked "she's no where near quite,once you get to know her,she's the weirdest person ever" I said "that's true" Alexa said agreeing with me "oh...okay....where do you wanna eat girls?" Ash said "WENDY'S" me and Alexa said at the same time "Wendy's it is then" ash said turning

~skip dinner...~

Me,ash and Alexa went back to our place "I can't wait til you meet Abby and Claudia! You guys would get along really well" I said opening the door "we're back!" I yelled "Calum!michael!Luke!abby!" I yelled for them "yeah?" Michael said walking in with his arm wrapped around Abby "AWWW how cute! And this is Alexa,she's my sister" I said "I thought you were the only child in the family?" Abby said confused "I was,it's just that Alexa is like my sister" I said "oh I see now" she said "hey what is I-wow who's that?" Cal said "Alexa,she's my sister" I said "you're very pretty" Calum said "thanks" Alexa said blushing

Hey guys so sorry for not updating! But next month I'm getting $5000!!! Because I made a deal with my parents,that if I don't smoke for a whole two years I get $5000 so YAY I DID IT! And I'll be able to update more because I'm gonna pay off my bills for my apartment 😄

I'm very bored now.....if you want you can see this flipagram video I made with my friends 💋 <----

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