Not a secret singer(sequel to secret singer)

(Read the first book 'secret singer' then read this book)

Liz isn't a secret anymore
What will happen?
What will Niall do?
Will he forgive her?

Is liz gonna be okay after??



36. maybe we can.

Liz's pov

"Maybe we can" I said wiping the tears of my face

Niall looked in my eyes.

"How?" He said .and broke the hug

I looked down.

"Come live with me" I said all of the sudden

"Ashton probably won't let me" he said in disagreement.

"Please" I whispered

"I'll try" he said as he hugged me tightly again.

"Can you tell the others to come in now?" I asked

"Yeah sure" he got up and opened the door.

Everyone sat down.

It was awkwardly quite...

"I want Niall to live with us" I said

"Why!" Ashton said

"We had to figure out something! I'm tired of ignoring him"

Ashton tried not to argue with me. I'm glad he didn't

I'm tired of arguing today.

"Do you need anything?" Niall asked

"Maybe some water?" I said

"Okay I'll be back" Niall walked out of the room

Again. It was quite.

Niall came back a few Minuites later

"There's a lot of paps down there" he said

" of coarse they had to come" I said annoyed

"Here's your water" Niall put it on my mini table

"Thanks" I said

The doctor came in

"Liz you'll have to stay for a little bit more test but you can go home after that" he said

"I'll have to ask everyone to leave the room for Liz's tests"

*after all the tests*

I grabbed my crutches and walked out of the room

Niall came to my side right away.

"Do you want me to carry you." He asked

"Um I think Ashton to carry me.sorry" I said then

Ashton picked me up bridal style.

We all went downstairs and to the car

Ashton put me in the van. Harry sat beside me.

"I'm glad that your okay" he said "I am too harry" I said with a small smile.

During the ride home. I felt myself drifting to sleep.

I woke up as I felt someone carry me. I opened my eyes and saw harry .

"You fell asleep on my shoulder" he said . "Oh" I giggled.

Then we got inside.

Harry put me between ash and Niall.

They both wrapped their arms around me at the same time.

Everyone seemed to be tired.

"Maybe all you can spend the night?" I asked Louis. "Yeah that should be fine" zayn said .

Ashton fell asleep on me. And so did Niall.

How am I gonna get upstairs.

Might as well just sleep here.

*30 mins later*

Everyone already fell asleep.

I wanted to but I wasn't comfy enough. I let Niall fall to the other side

And I layed on Niall and ash layed on me.

This is just weird. But I don't care I'm too tired.

I fell asleep.

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