Not a secret singer(sequel to secret singer)

(Read the first book 'secret singer' then read this book)

Liz isn't a secret anymore
What will happen?
What will Niall do?
Will he forgive her?

Is liz gonna be okay after??



27. it sucks! finally going to sleep....

We got back home and it SUCKS having a broken foot!! I'm not allowed to set it on the floor until it's healed!!Anyways we got back home and I changed into shorts and a tank top,ash helped me with my shorts...,I got in bed after I brushed my teeth and put my hair in a messy bun,I laid down and Ashton got in bed too "good night" he whispered "goodnight" I whispered then a felt muscular arms around my waist ,then I drifted off to sleep

~the next day~

I woke up and poked at the time ,it's 12:07pm,holy crap we slept in! I looked at ash and he was still sleeping "ash wake up" I said shaking his arm "yeah babe?" He said fluttering his eyes open "it's 12:10" I said "we should get up then" he said sitting up ,I grabbed my crutches and walked to the bathroom ,I brushed my hair and looked in the closet for something to wear today. I picked out Jean shorts and a red crop top with matching TOMS ,then I showered which was very hard...but anyways I showered then I changed into the outfit I picked out ,then I got up off the floor{because I had to change into my shorts} and grabbed my crutches and walked back to the room,then ash went into our bathroom ,I got bored waiting for ash so I went downstairs,it's hard going down the stairs so I called Calum "Cal!!" Then he came to me "yeah?do you need help" he asked "yeah..." I said then he lifted me up bridal style and carried me downstairs and into the living room then set me down so he could go get my crutches in case I wanted to get up,then he came back with my crutches "here you go" he said putting then by my side "thanks cal" I said "no problem" he said then he went back upstairs ,I pulled my iPhone out of my pocket and went on twitter and spoke with some fans

The fan:hi! I love listening to you guys! You and ash are so cute!😘

Me:hey,nice,and thanks...😁

The fan:how's Claudia doing with the baby?

Me:um how did you know about Claudia

The fan:harry posted some pictures 🙌

Me:oh....I haven't spoken to Claudia in a while

The's your ankle?

Me:it's sore but it's okay

The fan:oh...well I have to go now bye it was nice talking to you!😄

Me;bye.nice talking to you too 💋

Then ash came downstairs so I put my phone away "hey babe,what do you wanna do?" He asked "can we go to town?" I said "yeah sure" he said getting up and helping me ,then we asked the other guys if they wanted to come but I guess it's just me and ash :)

Me and ash got in the car then ash started driving

"Where we goin?" Ash asked "I don't know....we can just hang out in town?" I said "okay" he agreed ,then we got to town,ash help me out...

It really sucks having a broken ankle,but anyways

Me and ash walked around in the mall "me and you should have a movie night tonight" ash said "yeah we should" I said with a small smile then we walked to the supermarket ,"what should we get?" I said "let's get....this" ash said holding sour patch kids "I love those!" I said "so do I" he said ,then ash went to get a cart because we're probably gonna get lots of stuff haha ,then ash came back with the cart ,then we got popcorn,candy,and I got cherries and kool-aid "hey look it's liz and Ashton!!" I heard one girl yell

Then two girls were in front of us "oh my god you are Ashton and liz from 5sos!" The girl with blonde hair said "can we take a picture with you and liz" the girl with black hair asked ash "yeah sure" ash said ,then they handed me two phones "make it look like we're taking a selfie" one of them said "okay" I said holding one phone then I made sure I got the four of us in the picture "thanks!and get well soon!" One of them said "aw thanks" I said then the two girls left and me and ash continued shopping ,then we paid for everything we chose....duh!lol

Then we headed home.

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