Not a secret singer(sequel to secret singer)

(Read the first book 'secret singer' then read this book)

Liz isn't a secret anymore
What will happen?
What will Niall do?
Will he forgive her?

Is liz gonna be okay after??



34. I have to find him

Liz's pov

I stood as I watched Niall drive off

"Liz?you okay?" Ashton hugged me

I pushed him away with one of my hands

I went Inside and searched for the car keys

I found them and went back outside and got in the car and drove off to find Niall

All I could think about was Niall

Tears were streaming down my face

I was speeding and I didn't see the car that was turning


Everything went black.

????? Pov

I saw the crash right in front of me. I called 9-1-1 .

"Hello this is 911 what's your emergency?"

"T-there was a crash. Two cars are damaged"

"Where are you"

"A-Allenby highway"

"Okay I'll send two ambulances "

I threw my phone down and ran towards the Wrecked cars .

I got to one of them and tried my best to open the messed up door

I got it open and grabbed the person. She looked like she was crying ,she has glass and blood all over her too. She was unconscious

I carried her out of the car

Then the ambulances got here

I Gave her to the medic "do you know her?" He asked "no I only got her out of the car. I'm the one that called" I said "you should come" he said "okay"

I hopped in. And we went to the hospital

When we got there I had to call all the people in her contacts with her phone

I called 'ash' whoever he is

"Liz where are you?!" He said

"Um liz is in the hospital"

"WHAT?! " he yelled

"Um she's unconscious"

But 'ash' didn't answer

I guess he hung up to come here.

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