Not a secret singer(sequel to secret singer)

(Read the first book 'secret singer' then read this book)

Liz isn't a secret anymore
What will happen?
What will Niall do?
Will he forgive her?

Is liz gonna be okay after??



9. I guess

Liz's pov

I guess I'm friends with Niall now. But anyways I started driving home until I got a text but I ignored it because .well ya know.NO texting and driving!

"I'm home!" I yelled.then Ash came running down the stairs "hey babe" he said hugging me "hii" I said smiling :) "wait! I thought you got something from Starbucks??" He said "yeah but I drank it on the way back" I said "oh ok haha" he said "let's go to the fair today!" I said/yelled "yeah!ill go get ready!" He yelled "what's with all the yelling?" Abby said walking in "me and Ash are going to the fair today!"I said "awh you guys are so cute!" She said "yeah I know! DUH!" I said "haha. I'm gonna hang here today with Michael § Calum " she said "nice! W-""I'm ready!" Ash yelled "okay I gotta go,bye #TeamLibby Out!" I said "K #TeamLibby out!!" She said

~at the fair~

"Let's go on the hemalaia!!" I yelled "okay!" He said as me and him ran to it!

________5 awesome hours later______________

It was cold "Ash I'm cold" I said .he handed me his jacket then I put it on."what about you" I pouted "I'll be fine" he said while smiling "fine.......Let's go on the Farris wheel" I said "let's go" he said

>>>>>>>on the top of the Ferris wheel<<<<<<<

He wrapped his arms around me.then he looked into my eyes .then he kissed me.its a very passionate kiss

"I love you" he said "I love you too" I said smiling

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