Not a secret singer(sequel to secret singer)

(Read the first book 'secret singer' then read this book)

Liz isn't a secret anymore
What will happen?
What will Niall do?
Will he forgive her?

Is liz gonna be okay after??



17. drunk

Liz's pov

I need to get rid of these feelings.i can't feel like this anymore! "Niall!" I called for him "yes babe,uh I mean liz" he corrected himself "can we go to store?" I asked "sure.whatever you want" he said with a smile "K I'll get ready" I said getting up "okay I'll get ready too" he said,I nodded

~at the store~

I grabbed some bags of chips,some candy,pop,juice, and popcorn and some movies "okay let's go pay" Niall said "okay" I said as I pushed the cart towards the till ,after we paid we walked out "uh Niall?" I said "yeah?" He said "can w-we go to the liquor s-store?" I said nervously "okay fine" he sighed

So we walked to the liquor store ,I grabbed some vodka,Niall grabbed some beer and jack then we paid and went home

~at home~

I grabbed the groceries then set them down in the front of the door and then I went to go grab the drinks ,I walked in "whatcha got there liz?" Ashton said hugging me "uh...drinks" I said "oh...okay" he said "can you call the rest of the boys?" I said "sure babe" he said grabbing his phone out ,he put it on speaker

He called Luke first


Ashton:uh hey can you come over?

Luke:uh sure why?

Ash:liz bought snacks and uh...drinks

Luke:oh haha sure...

Ash:okay bye and tell the other two boys too

Luke:K bye

Then ash hung up "Niall!" I called for him again "yeah?" He said "can you tell the other boys to come over too?" I said "okay" he said as he went into the other room then he walked back In after a few Mins "okay there coming" he said "good..." I said quietly

~later that night~

"You are so adorable!" I said as I kissed Calums nose "thanks I guess haha" he said "I think you've had too much to drink" Niall said "I'm not drunk!" I yelled "fine then stand up and walk in a straight line" he said "fine baby" I said smirking ,I got up and fell "whoa look I'm closer to the floor" I said laughing "babe I think you need to go to bed now" Ashton said "why....I wanna stay down here! And hang out with my best friends" I said putting my arm around Abby and Claudia "hey Clauds why haven't you had a drink yet?" I said "um don't you remember? I'm pregnant" she said "oh yeah haha I forgot! Stupid brain" I said laughing "liz I think you need to go to bed" Abby said "fuck you guys I'm gonna go clubbing!" I said walking towards the door "babe" I heard ash say "what?!" I said as I almost fell on the floor "baby can you come to bed?" He pleaded "okay fine but only until you go to sleep!" I said running upstairs but I fell "hahahahahahahaha!" I laughed "ash babe look I fell!" I yelled "yeah I know I saw" he said "baby,can you carry me?" I said "yeah" he said lifting me up bridal style "ash,my stomach feels funny!" I said then I threw up "okay okay let's go clean you up" he said bringing me into the bathroom ,then I threw up some more in the toilet as ash held my hair out of the way and he started rubbing my back too ,and HolyShit I throw up A LOT! Then when I finished that ash carried me to bed "okay babe.stay in bed.okay?" He said "No but I wanna see Abby and Claudia!" I whined "baby you have to be in bed!" He said "can you at least bring me some jack!" I said "No...I think you've had enough to drink" he said ,then he went downstairs ,then I started singing

"She lives in the shadows of a lonely girl.voice so quiet you can't hear a word .always talking but she can't be heard .you can see it there if you catch her eye.i know she's brave but it's trapped inside .scared to talk but she don't know why .i wish I knew back then what I know now wish I could somehow go back in time and maybe listen to my own advise id tell her to speak up ,tell her to shout out,be a bit louder,be a bit prouder,tell her she's beautiful,wonderful everything she doesn't see,you gotta speak up you gotta shout out and know that right here right now that you can be beautiful wonderful anything you wanna be

Little me"

I stopped singing because I fell asleep

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