Not a secret singer(sequel to secret singer)

(Read the first book 'secret singer' then read this book)

Liz isn't a secret anymore
What will happen?
What will Niall do?
Will he forgive her?

Is liz gonna be okay after??



30. Dinner🍴🙈

Liz's pov

I got up and let ash sleep ,but I woke him up because I needed help going upstairs and I only like it when ash brings me upstairs :p ,but anyways I changed,slowly,into my jeans "fuck it! I'm wearing a dress" I said "I heard that! Don't swear babe" ash said in the other room "okay" I said rolling my eyes as I slipped my pink dress on ,I put my hair in a bun and added a pink bow in front of the bun 🎀 ,I grabbed my crutches and walked towards my full body mirror "I guess I look okay" I said to myself ,then I called ash back into our room "you look pretty" he said "thank you" I said blushing "it's cute when you blush" he said kissing my cheek "well shall we go downstairs?" Ash asked "yeah" then ash lifted me up then grabbed the crutches and we went downstairs ,as we got downstairs ash put me down and face me the crutches ,I went into the kitchen and saw Calum cooking? "Heyyyy callluum" I said rather weirdly "hey liz haha" he said with a smile "what was your first impression of me.when we first met?" He asked "well I thought you were so ADORABLE,you're like a cuddly bear!" I said "now tell me what you thought of me?" I said "I thought you were very weird and cute at the same time" he said "thanks" I said then ash came in, "hey whatcha makin' Calum?" He asked leaning on the counter "food" he said then I laughed "what kind of food?" Ash said "good food" he replied "haha!" I laughed then I started walking out of the kitchen ,then I went to see Alexa "hey gurl" I said "hey gurl" she said "what's going on tonight?" I asked "um one direction wants to have dinner with us?!" She said in a DUH tone "I know but after that" I said "me and cal are gonna go chill in town" she said "ooooooh is it a date?!" I said "I don't know he said it could be a date if I wanted it to!" She said "awwwwe cuuuute Calum and Alexa are dating!" I said "shut up! I'm not even sure if me and him are dating!" She said pushing my arm " are you and niall doing so far?" She asked me "um....I don't know really" I said with a shrug "oh...wanna text some fans?" Alexa asked "yeah...wait let's ask Abby if she wants to too"bi said "Abby!" Me and Alexa said "yeah?" She said waking in "wanna text some fans with us?" Alexa said "sure" Abby replied "you know what else we could do?" I said smirking "what?!" Abby said "we could log into the boys account and send messages from theres" I said "but how?" Alexa said "I know their passwords" I said "how the hell of you know their passwords!" Abby said "let's just say that I'm good at hacking" I said logging into Ash's account on my phone,Calums account on Alexa's phone and Michaels account on Abby's phone "okay let's do one fan at a time all at once" I said "like or follow?" Abby said "both" I said

Hey guys! So sorry for not updating! Um idk what to do right now 😕bored ....

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