Not a secret singer(sequel to secret singer)

(Read the first book 'secret singer' then read this book)

Liz isn't a secret anymore
What will happen?
What will Niall do?
Will he forgive her?

Is liz gonna be okay after??



13. Claudia

Claudia's pov

I was watching a movie with harry then he started kissing me very rough but soft at the same time .he pushed me up against the wall

(Sorry I don't write sexual sorry! Don't be mad)

~a week later~

I woke up and ran to the bathroom .i threw up :/

Then I remembered that me and harry had sex but we didn't use protection and I'm kinda scared now...

So I went out to get a pregnancy test

~in the bathroom~

I'm just waiting then I looked at it


I'm pregnant. I am pregnant!! I have to tell harry!

I walked out of the bathroom and into our room

"Hey Claudia" he said with a smile "um hey....-""you okay?" He cut me off "I'm pregnant!" I said smiling "oh my gosh. I'm gonna be a father! I am going to be a father!" He said with a huge smile then he hugged me "I love you so much Claudia" he said "I love you too Harry"

"I have to tell liz!" I said with with a smile "I thought Niall told us to ignore her" he smile faded "but I have to tell her.shes my best friend! She's like my sister,I've known her since we were babies!" I said as I was about to cry "okay ok babe just don't cry,i don't like seeing you cry" he said

So what do think Claudia? Do you like this chapter? I'm kinda tired right now so.....yeah

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