Not a secret singer(sequel to secret singer)

(Read the first book 'secret singer' then read this book)

Liz isn't a secret anymore
What will happen?
What will Niall do?
Will he forgive her?

Is liz gonna be okay after??



24. ALEXA X3

Me and ash got ready ,I put my hair In a messy bun then I put on some jean shorts and a nirvana shirt then I put on my shoes "I'm ready now" I said to ash "okay let's go" ash said

I drove because ash doesn't know where she lives "we're here" I said "okay I'll get the boxes out of the back" he said getting them .i walked up to the door and knocked ,then Alexa opened it "hey! Oh my gosh I haven't seen you in such a long time!" She said "I've missed you so much" I said as we hugged "so liz where do we start" ash said "ooh so your Liz's boyfriend" Alexa said "hahah yeah he is" I said "so you live with 5sos?" She asked as we walked in "yeah I'm actually apart of 5sos" I said "nice" she said "yeah" I said "so shall we start packing your stuff?" I said "yeah sure" she said

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