Not a secret singer(sequel to secret singer)

(Read the first book 'secret singer' then read this book)

Liz isn't a secret anymore
What will happen?
What will Niall do?
Will he forgive her?

Is liz gonna be okay after??



32. 1D gets here

Liz's pov

Me and the girls were on our phones and laptops for a while and liking fan pages and following some fans,and we FaceTimed one fan...she cried because she was so happy ,but anyways after that we went downstairs to get ready for dinner,we got downstairs and Alexa went to go talk to Calum before we started setting the table

Alexa's pov

I walked over to Calum and before I could say anything he said "hey beautiful" with a smile "Hii" I said blushing a little bit "it's cute when you blush" he said then I blushed a little more at what he just said "so what do you wanna do after dinner,In town?" I asked "yeah if you wanna do that" he said "okay" I said then I walked over to liz "you two would be so cute together" liz said to me "oh gosh" I said "you and Calum?" Abby asked me "you guys! I don't wanna talk about it!" I said still blushing

Liz's pov

I looked at my phone at saw the time "they're gonna be here soon" I said "oh right 1D is coming!" Alexa said "hopefully,it won't be awkward between me and Niall" I said "it'll be okay" Abby said walking towards the kitchen to go help the other boys with setting the table ,then Alexa helped me sit down(because of my damn ankle!) then I heard a knock on the door "I wanna get it" I said then I got Alexa to help me up. As soon as I got up and got my crutches,I started waking towards the door, I opened it and saw Louis "hey li-what happened to your foot?!" He said with concern "oh it's a long story" I said then the rest of the boys came in "hey Claudia" I said then I tried to hug her but it was kinda hard to balance so she just hugged me (does that make sense?). Then after everyone came inside we all sat down in the living room,I sat down beside ash on the small couch(two people only) then everyone else sat down on the other couches "so now can you tell us about your foot?" Liam asked "oh right" I said "well. Me,Luke and Alexa were doing the duct tape challenge and I fell on my ankle and with all the pressure of my weight,it broke" I said "oh....are you ok?" Harry said "yeah I'm fine" I said then I looked at Niall and he looked upset "Um Niall can I talk to you for a sec?" I asked ,he nodded then helped me up,then we walked Into the hallway,so we were alone...

"What's wrong?" I asked trying to look into his eyes but I failed "nothing" he said "don't lie to me" I said "I'm not" he said "yes you are" I said "tell me" I continued "I said I was fine" he said trying to walk away but I grabbed his wrist before he could get any further "tell me please" I said "I'm still in love with you!alright! I said it! Now let me go!" He said snatching his wrist away "you love me?" I said "I never stopped loving you" Niall said with tears starting to form in his eyes "Niall?" I said ,he looked up into my eyes ,then he kissed me?! I pulled away "we can't keep doing this!" I said "doing what!!" ,then Niall slowly started to cry "I'm sorry" he said walking away ,I followed him "wait!" I said but he didn't stop ,I could tell he was going towards the door "what's going on?" I heard Michael say as me and Niall passed the living room,"wait!" I yelled ,but he opened the door and stormed out ,I couldn't catch up to him

Ashton's POV

I walked over to where liz is,and she just stood outside ....crying? What did Niall say? What the hell did he do to liz?!

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