Suicide Letters

On the night that I killed myself I wrote 11 letters. Each to a different person and each allowing me for the first time to tell them who I really was. And why I had to go.

Hope you like. Plan to write for chapters if it gets a good response so if you like it comment, favourite and like!


1. To whomever finds this

To whomever finds this,

The first thing I want to do is apologise. I’m about to pull you into something that you probably never wanted to be apart of. But please get reading. This needs to happen. You will have found this letter at the same time that you discover my body. My name is Mia Waites and I am 15 years old. I wish we didn’t have to meet this way, seeing my body after I’ve thrown myself off a bridge is not the most pleasant situation. You may of felt upset when you saw my body sprawled on the floor like an abandoned rag doll. Could you even of cried? Well please don’t, I’ve never deserved people to care about me. You probably see me as some poor, unfortunate and troubled teenager who’s probably gone through a lot but you’re wrong. I’m nothing. There are people in this world who have got it a lot worse than me and most of all everyone else is so much more important. That is why I killed myself. I have absolutely no right whatsoever to own this life. So I might as well end it. If you cry for the sake of me then you are the first and most likely the last.

The first thing I would like you to do is highlight the word ‘thrown’ which is key here. Tell the Police that I was not pushed and they need not going to any trouble trying to figure out this case. I killed myself. It won’t take them more than two seconds to find the scars on my wrists and thighs and the bite marks on my hands. Those were me too. Don’t bother telling my parents. My Mum will be far too busy talking to some client on the phone and my Dad died when I was 11 so you won’t get much response on that part. The rest of my family are either dead or rejected me a long time ago. Just let them know it happened, let them clear away the body and be done with it. I don’t mean that much to anyone and I don’t want to waste their time and effort when they could be helping the worthwhile people.

Now with what I want you to do. Along with your letter there are 10 other letters. Each has a name and a place where you can find them. I need you to send them for me. I know it’s a lot to ask and you probably have better things to do but please. These letters are the most important thing to me right now and they are all that is left of me. Once you’ve sent them you can burn this letter and forget I ever existed. I won’t mind. Please don’t read them and don’t let the Police read them because I’ve told everything I could to each person and I don’t want anyone else to see them.

That’s all I have to say to you stranger. I hope that your life is a lot better than mine ever was.

Yours faithfully,


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