The end

The story centers around a boy, whom relies on a woman through the entire story. Their school gets invaded by a plague that causes people to trun into zombies once bitten.


1. The End


I heard my annoying mom was calling for me…                      
Oh gosh why won’t she just shut up…          
*door opens*
“Jim I’ve been calling you all morning!” she yapped            
“yes mom… what is it?” I said tired as ****
“YOU’RE LATE FOR SCHOOL!!!” she yelled furiously             
OH SHIT It’s 10 o’ clock already!?! I’ve got to hurry; I was supposed to meet 2 hours ago! I ran to the table, ate some quick plain breakfast, and started sprinting to school!        
While sprinting only about halfway to school, I saw a person… He looked weird, he was walking in a strange manner, but I had no time to worry about him. Main priority, get to school ASAP! If I hurried I would still be able to make it in time for 3rd lesson!                 

*bell rings*     
Damn it… I was so close. I’ve got to stop being tardy! “Hey Jim!” someone said. I looked around and saw my childhood friend Elizabeth; “Hey Liz long time no see” I said, “you’ve got to stop being late like that” she said with a slightly angry voice “It’ll ruin your future if you don’t get a good exam!”                            
She’s right… Liz is always right… Ever since we became friends there has always been 1 thing about Liz. Everything she does is right, as 6-year old she started training swordsmanship, which she then used many times over. She was right about learning swordsmanship, just like she’s right about everything else as well. When Liz goes out at night, her voluptuous body tends to attract unwanted attention. Therefor Liz is always carrying a wooden sword for self-defense.                            
“Jim? You are sleeping in my class again!” I woke up and realized I had fallen asleep in class! My most feared teacher stood beside me, and looked at me with a grin on her face; “well, well, well. Jim this is not the first time you’re sleeping in my class” she said followed up with “get OUT of my class!”. This wasn’t what I tried to do… I wanted to stop being tardy… My absence in classes is really high… This may really be… The End…                        

As I stood in the window alone, having been sent out of class, I was able to see a strange figure at the school gate. It’s that weird guy I saw this morning! He looks… well strange somehow, as if there’s no “soul” left in his body. His skin seems grey, and his eyes are… blank. The gate is locked so he can’t get in, yet he still keeps walking into it… like a zombie of some sort…            
About 5 minutes later, the strange man had kept trying to walk through a steel gate, some teachers had noticed him, and they’re now walking over there, I can see it all from here. I can’t hear them all the way up here, but it seems like they’re yelling at him. The strange man doesn’t listen to them and keeps walking, as if he hasn’t noticed the gate yet. Our PE teacher Chris is becoming furious! He grabbed the strange man’s collar and yelled “IF YOU DON’T GET OFF OUR PROPERTY AS OF THIS MOMENT, I WI-“and then something happened, I blinked for a second and missed it! Chris let go of the strange man. The other teachers had a terrified look on their face… they were… screaming! I couldn’t see why they were afraid, but then… Chris turned around… The strange man had BITTEN him extremely hard, and for some reason, the blood flow. It was… unnatural. The blood kept flooding fast out of Chris!?! How is this possible!?!                            
 Chris fell to the ground… the ground covered in blood. Both I and the teachers were in a state of shock! We couldn’t grasp what kind of scene we had just witnessed. Suddenly Chris stood back up, his skin was grey, and he started biting the other teachers!?!             
I knew my best option would be to find Liz, fill her in, and then do whatever she says! Liz is ALWAYS right! She has English class at the moment; it’s not very far from here, I entered her classroom in the middle of class, took her hand and said “come with me!” Liz could see I was not fooling around, so she decided to follow me. I told her everything I had seen. Amazingly Liz didn’t seem surprised nor terrified. She looked calm and said “follow me”     
We ran towards her locker, she opened it and gave me a real sword, also one for herself. “Liz, h-h-have you always kept these within school!?!” I stuttered. “But of course, you never know when they’ll be useful” Her blonde hair was waving in the air as she closed her locker.   
“BEHIND YOU! A ZOMBIE!” I yelled as Liz flew through the air and sliced off the zombie’s head. She was… amazing.

The school had become a battlefield already; three quarters of all students went quickly to the teachers’ office for help. Liz called them useless ignorants, if they’re all gathering in a place with no escape; it’ll just be a giant feast for the zombies. Instead we tried to find an exit with low amount of zombies. Liz was walking ahead, so that I’d be safe.                            
She then turned around a corner. “Liz?” I called her but she didn’t answer “Liz? I walked over to see where she was, I’m always calm around Liz, because I know that she knows what we should do. When I made it to the corner, I could see a dead zombie, and Liz. Liz was covering her left arm behind her back, she then said; “Actually, I think it’d be better if you walked in front, that way I can make sure there won’t be coming any zombies from behind.” I didn’t really think about her decision, Liz is always right. As I walked in front, I kept hearing water drops, I didn’t give it much thought. Liz had become quiet, I turned around an-.

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