Good Girl Is Bad Girl (Michael5SOS one-shot)

Amily is a straight A student but she has also the other side of life, the side that her parents have no clue about.

This is sort of a story behind the 5SOS' song "Good Girls". Made up by me, nothing to do with the real 5 Seconds of Summer.


1. Good Girl Is Bad Girl

A school bell rang telling students that school day was ending. All my classmates started packing their things, but I still listened carefully what the teacher had to say and wrote the last lines to my notebook. Eventually I was the last one who got out of class. Well, like always. My best friend Sophia waited me outside of the class and we walked together to our lockers. Sophia was very short, fabulously curvy body (and that's one of the reasons why she was popular in guys company) and dark brown wavy hair. She had perfect olive-skin that I had always been jealous about. My skin was pale like a snow and even in summers my skin had problems to take any color. 


"Ah, I can't stand the math teacher!" Sophia announced in a loud voice, like after every math class. I just laughed at her drama. She had been my best friend since nursery and I was used to her very various temperament.

"What did he do this time?" I just asked and lead her through big glass doors to the hallway.


"Nah, he just exists", Sophia laughed as we got to our lockers. She opened her locker's door with a huge "bang". I watched a while her pushing schoolbooks inside of the small and messy locker before I put my book onto mine locker. Mine was tidy and full of college brochures. I had a couple of pictures of me with friends but mostly school stuff. I took my future very seriously and so did my parents. Both of them were lawyers and I was taught from child to work hard to achieve something in life.


"Sounds a good reason to hate someone", I flashed her my white teeth.

"I know but he just... I mean... Argh!" Sophia sounded frustrated.

"I'm sorry", I apologized her and tried not to laugh. It wasn't my fault Sophia didn't like Mr. Adams. I liked him. Actually I liked all of the teachers but that was mainly because I was their pet.

"That's enough about that Snail, it's weekeeeeend", Sophia sang the last words with a high note. "Any plans for the weekend?" she asked me.


"Well, Mike is coming, so guess I'm gonna hang around with him all weekend. Oh, and of course there's the big biology test on next week so I've to study like hell." Sophia gave me an unbelieving look.

"Hot boyfriend and studying in the same fucking weekend? Oh lady you're so in deep!" Sophia laughed at me.

"Well, he has to help me to study. Parents will kill me if I don't get an A from the test."

"Ha! Won't be a problem for you", Sophia believed in me.


"Okay, I've to go now, mom's probably already waiting for me", I said and waved my hand to her. Hallway was almost empty as other students had already ran for freedom. I still had to study biology under my parents supervisory before I could run away with Mike. Actually his whole name was Michael, but I usually called him just Mike or Mikey. He played in a band called 5 Seconds of Summer, had dropped out of school to play in the band and toured a lot outside of Australia. He wasn't the very best son-in-law-candidate for my parents which was the only reason I still hadn't introduced him to my family though we had been dating over one and half a year already. Oh yeah, and last time I had seen him he had had a lovely black-white hair. Okay, I had loved the color, but his hair color changed more often than his socks. So yeah, maybe he wasn't the best person to be introduced as my boyfriend to my family who wore suits even on a day off. Mom would get a heart attack.


I got out of school to sunny hot afternoon and looked over the parking area to find mom's Mercedes. It took me a while, but when I spotted it I jogged to it and fast jumped in. I was so ready to start my weekend, couldn't wait to see my Mike after a couple of week he had spent in London with his band.

"How was your day?" mom asked me after I had kissed her cheek and we had said hellos.

"It was good. I had the English test today and it went pretty well. Had some problems with writing an essay but I'm sure it was quite good after all", I let her know. She smiled me warmly.

"I'm sure it went just fine!"


The ride back home took a long time because of jam. When we finally got home I kissed my dad on a cheek and told him about my day whilst I and mom prepared a meal for us. We ate and I did my homework, dad revise them and after that I was free to go. I lied I was going to Sophia's and would study with her but instead I texted to Mike I was ready to be picked at the "usual" spot in 20 minutes. I changed my outfit as fast as I could, from school outfit (jeans, a top and a blazer) to a orange tank top and green shorts. I stared myself from the mirror. My pale face was surrounded by straight dark brown hair, sometimes I tried to curl it but it didn't stay like that for too long. I didn't like my arms that I thought were too long. I wasn't very thin, had tried to loose some weight many times, but at the age of 17 I had finally accepted myself as I was. And well, if Mike liked me I had to like myself too. I put on some more make-up and brushed my hair before I noticed I was already late.


"Bye!" I shouted to my parents before I rushed out of door. I ran a couple of blocks to a playground where Mike always picked me up with his mom's car. As fast as I got to the playground I saw Mrs. Clifford's navy blue Volvo. The very same car I had spent a lot of time and done, well, lot of things.

I went to the car, opened a door and entered in. After too many days being apart I finally saw him again. I kissed his smiling lips with all the passion I got and let him see how much I had missed him. And I got it all back from Michael. My tongue entered his mouth and he squeezed me closer to him. I took a handful of his beautiful hair (this time violet though) and got him even closer to me.


"Oh, I didn't know we'd start that rough immediately!" Mike laughed and put me back to my seat, but he couldn't fool me. I knew I had managed to turn him on already. He gave me a cute little kiss and whispered: "Hi."

"Hi." I whispered back. He started the engine and we headed to a 5SOS' rehearsal place. Mostly we hung in there with his band mates, because we couldn't be at my place (except sometimes he came to my room at night climbing though the window) and he hadn't told his mom either because I had asked him not to so we couldn't hang at his place either. If his mom would know it would take only days before my parents would hear about us too. Mike's band mates were cool guys, I really liked them and it was nice to hang with them though they always didn't understand a term "personal space". But that's cool, I and Mike still had time to be alone too.


Whilst driving Mike took my hand into his and rubbed the back of my hand with his thumb. I squeezed a little. "Nice to feel you're back."

"Nice to be felt!" Mike laughed at me. He looked from the road at me and winked. I laughed and hit his arm playfully.

"You little pervert!"


"I know, but that's one of the many reasons you love me." He was right. It was so easy to be with him. Though I loved my parents very much it wasn't always easy to be the kind of perfect daughter they wanted me to be.

"No comments", I tried to sulk a bit, but eventually he got me smile. After that he told me everything from London. 5 Seconds of Summer had been there to record some new songs and doing some promotional stuff. They were about to publish their very first real single so they had had very busy times lately. I had never been in London so I listened very carefully every word Mike said.


When we arrived to the training place and got in the first thing I found myself wrapped inside of six hugging arms. I laughed and hugged back.

"Missed you guys too", I said after Ashton told me they had been missing me.

"You don't have to lie, we know you didn't miss us, only Mickey", Calum said teasing Mike by calling him Mickey after the mouse. Mike came and slap Cal's back of the head (Cal shouted: "Hey!"). Then he jumped to the one and only couch boys had got to the desert place.

"Okay, maybe a bit more him, but you too of course!" I reassured. Somehow I got close to the couch Mike was lying without even thinking of it.

"Good, coz he missed you too! If it took fifteen minutes without hearing your name we were worried", Luke joked.

"Well, if she'd be your girlfriend you'd be talking about her all of the time too!" Mike said and captured me to lay next to him.


We hang with Luke, Ashton and Calum for the whole evening until I had to state the fact I had to go home. It was almost ten in the evening and though it wasn't late for other people, it was for my parents. So even though I was 18 my curfew was at ten pm.

"I'm sorry guys to interrupt your fun but I really need to get going. It's almost ten and I don't wanna be late." I dropped Ashton's feet from my lap and got up from the couch where I had been sitting with Ash and Cal. The little couch was a way too small for the three of us, but only because Ash was taking too much space by lying there.

Michael who was sitting on the floor with his guitar got up too and gave the acoustic guitar to Luke. We said our byes to the boys who continued their talk about some new TV-show some of them had been watching in London and some wanted to watch.


"Have you been thinking about telling your parents?" Mike asked when we sat again in his mum's car.

"Uhm..." Once again this awkward topic.

"So you haven't." I didn't answer so we sat in silent for a moment.

"Why are you so ashamed of me?" Michael asked finally. I was going to deny, but he hadn't stopped. "Why am I not good enough for you?" he blamed me.


"Michael", I said and took his hand onto mine. I kissed his palm. "I am NOT ashamed of you, anything but that. You know I love you more than anything." I was silent for a while, seeking for words. "Actually I think you're a better person than I am. All my life I have just studied. I will get in to all the universities I want to, I'm sure about that, but you have seen more world than I have. You have lived. In real life you know more than me. Believe me Mike, I am not ashamed of you. I would say I'm more ashamed of me or my parents. They wouldn't understand your view of this world", I tried to explain. Once again.

"Why are you so worried about that? I'm quite done with this hiding. All the people who know we're together are those three nuts at the training's. And Sophia", Michael said. I could say he was frustrated.


"They're my parents and you're my boyfriend, of course I want you to like each other!"

"Nah, everybody loves me", Mike laughed.

"Yeah, why a couple of names came instantly to my mind who anything but loves you?" I laughed at him.

"Well they just don't understand my artistic soul!" he shouted dramatic. I laughed at him a bit more and kissed his back of the hand. An argument dodged.


He dropped me to the play park, promised me to come later that night to my room. I kissed him through the open window and jogged back home.

"Hi mom and dad! Sorry for being late, Sophia and I forgot totally the time from studying", I greeted my parents when I got home. Right after I sat to the couch to watch History Channel with my parents a doorbell rang. Since it was almost half past ten in the evening we all wondered who was behind the door. Dad went to open it and I stayed in the living room with mom.

The next voice I heard was a way too familiar. I ran into a vestibule and saw Michael pointing his hand to my confused dad and shook his hand. "Hi, my name is Michael Clifford, I'm your daughter's boyfriend."


Oh shit.

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