Don't Stop

Kaylee and Alaina are sisters and they both go to High School. They are just two ordinary girls except one day on the bus something changed.(Btw... this is my 1st fanfic so don't hate if it's that bad please!)


16. Why Calum.?!?!/.\



        {Alaina's P.O.V}



                      He just stabbed me... What was i suppose to do? I fell to the floor he smirked at me...Why was he so happy to do this to me? Why did he want me to suffer so much? " How does it feel you whore?!" He spat at me. "Why are you doing this Calum?I just don't understand." I replied taking little breathes in between just trying to calm down."Remember Alaina I love you and you just don't seem to want to be with me you want to be with that Ashton guy. I want to be with you and if i can't have you then no one can." He said glaring into my eyes. " Calum but you left me for another girl a long time ago you wanted to be with her. It took me a year to get over you and then Ashton came around and made me really happy so I... Well I moved on and now I'm pregnant." i just started to cry. He looked at me and remembered me telling him that.

    "Alaina I think its time you should just leave." He was looking down crying. I looked at him like he was crazy did he not just see how he just stabbed me?!. What the fuck was going on here? I just got up and struggled to the door. "What's wrong Alaina why are you limping like that??" Calum asked me. I was scared now what was wrong with him is he insane I just looked at him and said "Stay out my life I'm limping because of you Calum... Go to a Doctor and get help." I walked out as fast as I could.

     I was getting dizzy I tried to walk to the car as fast as I could I didn't want anyone to find out what happened so I had to take myself to the hospital.I got in my car breathing slowly from the loss of blood.I started the car and started driving towards the hospital. I was driving and my eyelids started to get heavy and I was going into consciousness.

    I couldn't stop the car and all I remember next is seeing another car coming straight at me and then BAM... all I remember next is hearing sirens..... 


    [Hey guys sorry we haven't posted in a while we have been really busy. We will try to update more often now and thanks for all the support on this story we love you so much!]




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