Don't Stop

Kaylee and Alaina are sisters and they both go to High School. They are just two ordinary girls except one day on the bus something changed.(Btw... this is my 1st fanfic so don't hate if it's that bad please!)


4. Nice to meet you Dimples!



Alaina's P.O.V


     I sat between my sister and the dude with the piercing. "So You trying to hit on my sister?" I said. "Yeah gotta problem with it? He asked. I was about to say something back but Kaylee jumped in."Alaina leave me alone I can take it from here!" she said.

   So I sat down next this wavy haired hotty with dimples. "Hey Beautiful!" He said. "Well Hi there Dimples!" I added in and we gave in on a convo. "So I haven't quite catched your name?" He replied. "Alaina Tomlinson and How about your name cutie?" I questioned."Well If I tell you would you go out with me?" He asked. I almosted screamed because I was only on the bus for about 5 mins and this has happened. " Well I would Love to because your so sweet and kind!" he grinned. " Well My name is Ashton, Ashton Irwin and as soon as you know its your last name too!" I giggled and grabbed my stomach because my stomach started to hurt from laughing. "Well we will see about that baby boo." I giggled about what I said.

      "Ohhhh so now we have nicknames? Well ok baby boo!" I giggled he laughed too. Then we arrived at the school and held hands then went to the library and we got our schedules and we noticed we had the same schedules. "Omg I know we haven't been dating for so long but Alaina I love you!I love you so much it was just like love at first sight or something but I've never felt this way before I wanna be with you forever!" He said and I had felt the same way about him and I whispered in his ear all the same things and everything he meant to me. But we kissed it got more intense at the moment but I couldn't wait to tell Kaylee about this whole day and maybe she has the same to tell me about Her and lip piercing. We walked to our first class Language Arts The easiest class! I saw Kaylee there with lip piercing.


  The teacher walked in and said " Take your seats!" She said In the most pleasant way. I sat with Ashton and Kaylee sat with Lip Piercing. "Ok so where you are sitting now you will be sitting there for the rest of the year!" The teacher said. I was so excited I screeched a little Ash looked at me and laughed a little. I kinda giggled with him then the teacher looked away and I kissed him and poked his dimple before the teacher turned around.



Please read: Thanks for reading this i'm so excited for this as much as you are But thank you so so so much Kaylee and i don't know how to thank you as much as much as we love you guys!

                            -Kitty and Llama


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