Don't Stop

Kaylee and Alaina are sisters and they both go to High School. They are just two ordinary girls except one day on the bus something changed.(Btw... this is my 1st fanfic so don't hate if it's that bad please!)


11. Meet Mikey.



          {Kaylee's P.O.V}

 I was coming home from my night shift when I got to my car a guy screamed my name.


  I turned around to see Michael Clifford . My ex-boyfriend and my bestfriend. He had red hair and a scar right on his head. He was wearing black jeans and to top it all of a black shirt.

  "Mikey?!!!!" I shout back he comes running to me and gives me a hug his scent is still the same. He pulled away and smiled. "I was trying to always get in contact with you how have you been?" "Good just tired." I giggled towards the end of my sentence. He gave me another smile. "Whats you number?" he asked. I gave him my digits and he thanked me. "Call me sometime." I said he smiled gave me a hug and left.



x Sorry short chappy....x-A

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