Don't Stop

Kaylee and Alaina are sisters and they both go to High School. They are just two ordinary girls except one day on the bus something changed.(Btw... this is my 1st fanfic so don't hate if it's that bad please!)


9. Lazy Dayzie.




              Luke's P.O.V

   I cant believe they are both preggers last year and high school and this happens its not that bad I mean I really love her and she really loves me I mean like I know we only met like 3 or 2 days ago but I do love her. Today we are just gonna be lazy and watch movies since its only Saturday now. "Luke! Kaylee and I are going to the store to go and get candy!" Ashton and Luke run over by us. "No no no no no you 2 are not aloud to drive you guys are pregnant and I don't want anything to happen to those little miracles." Ashton demands." Ash come on we can do this we are only 1 day preggers so calm down babe." Alaina says to Ash. "It doesn't matter if you guys just got pregnant those little things are special." I said with a stern voice. "OKKKKK!!!!" they both said at the same time so we all went together spoiling them.

           *15 Mins later*

     Now Ashton's P.O.V

          I pull up to Walmart and we enter Alaina and Kaylee ran off and Luke and I now had to do a search for them. We look down a toys section and find Alaina and Kaylee messing with Minecraft swords and Pikachu stuffed animals. "Could we get these?!?!?!" Alaina pouts her lip. I nod in agreement. "YASSSSSSSS!!!!" They both scream at the same time and Luke and I just laugh at the looks on their faces then we go get some Gummy Bears, Pixie Sticks, and Sierra Mist. Also Getting icecream and pickles the things these girls crave.

     We then arrive back home. They run to the kitchen with all the junk food. "HEEEEYYYY! NO RUNNINGGGGG!!!" I scream to them when we get to they kitchen I notice them eating the pickles. I look at them and laugh they giggle along we all then got in to our pjs and watched The Fault in Our Stars. Then after that we watched SpongeBob and Sanjay and Craig. Alaina had fell asleep and we all were still watching then Kaylee did as what Alaina did so Luke and I went to sleep too.


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