Don't Stop

Kaylee and Alaina are sisters and they both go to High School. They are just two ordinary girls except one day on the bus something changed.(Btw... this is my 1st fanfic so don't hate if it's that bad please!)


5. Hey friend...

Kaylee's P.O.V


After two boring classes, I sat with Luke. We just had to watch Ashton and Alaina have a 15 minute make out session. "PDA is crap." I muttered under my breath. Luke must've heard because he took my hand and pulled me onto his lap. So basically, I was straddling him. He moved closer to me, my heart fluttered, this was going to be our first kiss. Our lips attached. Electricity went off inside me.


His tongue went over my bottom lip, asking for access. And he got a VIP pass. He cupped my cheeks, deepening the kiss. I felt his tongue trace around mine. I soon forgot where I was. I grabbed his shirt,  I moved my hands to his hair and tugged on it. I heard a moan come from Luke and I could feel his bulge begin to grow. I blushed and awkwardly got off of him.


"Umm....sorry about....that." He said pointing to his friend. 


"Don't be." 


I took his hand and followed Ashton and Alaina. But. Luke's bulge was still standing. I tried to get him thinking about his mum, but he couldn't. Awh damnit.  

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