Don't Stop

Kaylee and Alaina are sisters and they both go to High School. They are just two ordinary girls except one day on the bus something changed.(Btw... this is my 1st fanfic so don't hate if it's that bad please!)


6. Having Fun!!!!


Alaina's P.O.V

 After the make out session and school was over we went to Dairy Queen . It was really hot outside so after we got our icecream cones we went to Luke's then Ashton's house so they could get their swimming trunks. They got dressed and then Kaylee and I walked out with our bikinis. Ashton just stared at me with his mouth open "Close your mouth your gonna catch a bug!" then adding a little giggle. "Ready!" Kaylee said. We all nodded getting the car and going to the beach.

{ 20Mins Later}

   We all got out the car our house is near the beach so it didn't take to long. Ashton picked me up carrying me away "You know I can walk right?" I said squirming a bit. "Yes but I want to throw you in the water." He said. I knew he had a devilish smirk on his face. "NOOOOO!!!" I screamed. He wouldn't put me down so I started kicking and squirming more so he would put me down but he wouldn't . "That's It!" I said in a grouchy tone. So I found away he would put me down I pinched his bum and he screamed but he still didn't put me down. "Ashton I'll kiss you if you put me down." I said. "Nope!" He had said popping the p. "Ashton if you put me down you could spend the night at my house in my room in my bed!!" Putting it out there for him to grab. "Ok whatelse is in it for me?" He questioned. "We could watch movies and skip school tomorrow if you want." I said. "Go on." he added." with a cheesy smirk. "Anything you wanna do." ANYTHHHINNNG???!!" He said being more weird. "Yes anything." I said.

 We had fun at the beach just me and Ashton found a cave and hid in it we had some fun in there to I mean really really fun stuff. I sat on his lap with my legs around him his bulge had grown larger and harder. "So anything is addition to doing "STUFF" tonight isn't it?" I questioned. He blushed " You figured me out!!" I giggled and we kissed it got really intense he licked my lip asking to gain entrance and I didn't quite mind I let him in. He pulled me closer making me moan a little since no one could see us since we found that cave. I pulled on his hair wanting more of him then ever. But I didn't notice that my bikini top had fallen off Ashton smirked at me.I was so out of thought I didn't even care. But we stopped I pulled away putting my top back on "We can finish this when we get home." I smirked at him. "OK" He said pouting. We ran out the cave and back in the water Kaylee and Luke were just sitting there. Then we got out and we left it was already dark I look at the clock it 7:45p.m. We stop at the store getting food and more stuff.

    When we got home Ashton and I took a shower together.I think Kaylee and Luke did too. But at first I was in the shower by myself when I felt 2 arms around me and something poke me in the back. I turn around to see Ashton naked and in the shower with me. I was shocked "Like what you see?" He questioned I blushed and  bit my lip and just nodded my head. "So is this what you meant about STUFF?" I said. "Yea for Today!" He said smirking. He kissed me and moved down leaving small pecks on my neck then sucking on my skin it started to burn but I liked the way it felt . He gave me a Hickey . I kissed his neck which turned into a bite and he screamed a bit. "What was that for?" He laughed . " Its a love bite just to make sure everyone knows your mine and to make it look like we did THINGS so you would never leave me." I giggled about it. "I would never leave you for the world!!"

     There was a knock on the door.


                      "GO AWAY ANNA I DONT WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN!!" I said joking around it was Luke so he would joke around to "OK BYEEEEE!" He laughed with us. "What do you want?" I asked him. "Kaylee said stop getting freaky and get out so we can watch Lion King." he said so I was going to joke back. " We get more than freaky ok!!" I said Ashton laughed. Ashton grabbed my butt so I would moan and I did and I kissed Ashton then and pulled his hair he moan too and grabbed my butt we moaned about 10 times until I got the last moan out of Ashton. We got out and I put on my big Marilyn Monroe shirt that hangs off my shoulder and some shorts and put my hair in a messy bun I gave Ashton some of my dad's old clothes which he didn't want a shirt so I gave him a pair of jogging pants I don't know why my dad's clothes are here still anyway. We got a furry soft blanket some candy and a big drink to share and sat down and watched the movie. Today was really fun and since we aren't going to school tomorrow should be fun too!!!

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