Don't Stop

Kaylee and Alaina are sisters and they both go to High School. They are just two ordinary girls except one day on the bus something changed.(Btw... this is my 1st fanfic so don't hate if it's that bad please!)


2. First Day!!

Alaina's P.O.V.


"Kaylee, dumbo, wake up!" I giggled almost pouring ice cold water over her. She jolted open her eyes and flipped the cup onto me. "Shhh- i'm gonna kill you!" I said playfully. "Anyways; first day of the new school today." The nerves were starting to kick in. 


"Yup, so leave me alone and work on what you need to wear. We have like two hours." Kaylee bit her lip peering into her closet. I nodded and ran into mine. I put my Itunes on and played 'All my heart' by Sleeping With Sirens. We jammed out to the music as we picked out our outfits. As I slid my right leg into my jeans I lost ballance and tumbled down to the floor. As Kaylee helped me up off the ground we laughed non-stop!! Soon we raced downstairs and I grabbed the bread, Nutella and a banana. I took two peices from the loaf. As i spead the Nutella on each slice, Kaylee chopped the banana. She made the shape of flowers on the bread out of the banana slices. We took small bites and we let out the several Mmmmm's. When we finished, we cleaned up the crumbs and then finished whatever else we had to do before school. By the time we finished getting ready it was 6:30.We grabbed our bookbags and darted out the door as we each yelled, "Bye, Mum!!"


We waited at the bus stop for about 5 minutes then the bus driver finally arrived. Me and Alaina walked to the very back. All of a sudden a tall, blue-eyed cutie walked and sat next to Kaylee. I scooted away giving them some space and yelled so only the whole bus could hear, "Get some, Kaylee!!" She turned and grinned widely at me. She turned back and i could tell she didn't know what to do. She just sat there staring at his black lip ring. He whispered Hey, hottie in the most sexiest austrailian voice ever!! She sat there looking like a fool.Then I joined in.....

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