Into The Night

Lily Pepperhooves life is become a disaster – her horse, Pearl, died in a tragic car accident just over a month ago. Pearl’s filly, Tilly Pepperhooves, is missing her mother dearly but doesn't trust Lily as much as her mother did. Her best friend Lorene O’Hannigan is spending less time with her for romantic relationship reasons and the only person she can talk to is her school best friend Joe Payne, who has started to act weirdly around her.
And just when Lily thinks that things can’t get much worse, she starts losing out on her sleep too because of strange noises and shapes visible from her window.
Will her life ever get back on track? And will she ever find out what the weird noises and shapes she has been seeing in the night are?


3. Paddock Madness

When i arrived at the paddock, i vaulted over the fence because he would take his chances at escaping if the gate was open and he was not caught first. Luckily the small pony was only cantering in circles at the other end of the paddock. I slowly walked over and he went into a trot, avoiding coming close to me. "Why won't you do this in the lesson, aye Pickles?" i said, and realising how fast he was being he slowed down and came to a walk. I walked straight over to him and slipped on the head collar, and led him over to the fence. I tied the lead rope onto there and walked over to what i thought was a blur earlier. It was big. Scrap that, HUGE. It was a bit transparent, i could see through it. It had four legs. It was a dark bay colour. It wondered closer towards me.

And then it hit me. What it was. WHO it was, even. It was my mare Pearl!

I ran towards her, and threw my arms over her neck. Pickles must have realised too, and was now whinnying quite loudly to let him go. So i quickly walked over to him and unclipped the lead rope. I left the head collar on him, i didn't want to go through the trouble of catching him again. I walked back over to Pearl who was now nuzzling me with delight. "Hello baby" i said to her gently, with a soft tone of voice. I was finally the most happy i had been in ages. I finally knew the meaning of happy again. Then i knew what would make me even happier.

I vaulted back over the fence, where Pearl was now standing, and grabbed her old headcollar which i still kept in a box in the tack room. I clipped the lead rope on and stood on the fence. Pearl had already anticipated what i was about to do now and lined herself up by the fence. I stood on the fence, and swung my right leg over her back. I was going to have another ride on her, even if its just one more time, i planned to enjoy it like never before. 

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