Into The Night

Lily Pepperhooves life is become a disaster – her horse, Pearl, died in a tragic car accident just over a month ago. Pearl’s filly, Tilly Pepperhooves, is missing her mother dearly but doesn't trust Lily as much as her mother did. Her best friend Lorene O’Hannigan is spending less time with her for romantic relationship reasons and the only person she can talk to is her school best friend Joe Payne, who has started to act weirdly around her.
And just when Lily thinks that things can’t get much worse, she starts losing out on her sleep too because of strange noises and shapes visible from her window.
Will her life ever get back on track? And will she ever find out what the weird noises and shapes she has been seeing in the night are?


1. Looking Back

My bedroom used to be so happy, filled with memories. Everything brought back a funny memory, the photos, the rainbow of rosettes, and the cute little drawings. But now they are gone, and my room is boring and dull. I miss them, especially the drawings. Many girls at the yard drew pictures of us. They looked up to us, respected us. They desire a friendship like we had, and still would have. We. Us. Who are we and us? It is -was - me and my gorgeous mare, Pearl.

Pearl. Where can i start? Of course. Her name is Pearl, thats a good starting point. She was a gorgeous dark bay mare. She was a beautiful Clydesdale horse, standing at sixteen hands high last time i measured. She was lovely. She was not bouncy, so it was so easy to stay on in her canter. She was so gentle with everyone and everything. On the rare occasion that there would be a screaming, stroppy, child walk over to her wanting to stroke, she let them go right ahead. No moving, the backing away and definitely no biting or kicking, she just stood there and lowered her head. To me she was perfect. To me she was my world. But my world shatter when she... passed away. She had been caught in a car accident - you know, hit by one of those, careless drivers who couldn't give the slightest if they hit something. But because of her shear size this idiot noticed when he hit something, not that he apologized or anything, he just moaned about his car.  She had to be put to sleep on the spot, and i held her head on my lap with tears rolling down my cheeks. I was close to punching him in the face when he was still moaning at me about his damaged car. Sorry, but i do not care about your stupid car! You killed my horse. My best friend. My baby. Do you really think i am gonna care about your vehicle being dented?! NO!

 Sorry, my rants over. I don't believe she has gone. I can't believe she has gone. I still feel her near me. Supporting me. Helping me through the hard times. Just like my best friends, apart from they are always there for me and she - she can't really always be. I think she is there. I KNOW she is there. I feel her. I hear her. she HAS to be there.

I still have her filly, well she is nearly a mare now. She is nearly five years old. I am meant to be breaking her in soon. She is gorgeous. She is just over sixteen hands high now, and is a chestnut colour with white feathers. I am having troubles breaking her in. She is missing her mum so much that she has got really naughty. But i guess we will both take a long time to heal from this tragedy. 

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