"What's going on here I can't believe this at all"


3. chapter three

Kristin and Luke were driving with Brad, and Brad got a very strange call well from what Kristin and Luke could see. "Brad I'm really sorry to tell you this bit it seems as though your wife was murdered last night" a strange man said on the phone. Suddenly Brad took a bad turn on the road and the whole car went into a hole or something but Kristin quickly realized that, that wasn't the case.

"Omg where are we I can't see anything at all and I'm really scared please someone tell me were we are please!" Kristin said while trying to see if she could find anyone or anything to hold on to.

"Kristin! Where are you? I can't see you!" Luke says while his voice sounds shaken.

"I'm right here I'll follow your voice!" Kristin says to Luke as she tries to follow his voice.

"Okay just listen to my voice and you'll find me but be careful I don't know if there is any holes in between us okay?" Luke replies to Kristin.

"Okay!" Kristin says to Luke.

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