"What's going on here I can't believe this at all"


7. chapter seven


"Well what can I do then I have to do something I mean I can't sit and watch them police of all the searching and evidence gathering on my wife's murder!!" Brad yells.

"Come on I have an idea" Kristin tells Brad.

Kristin brings Brad over to a nearby forest where Milly was last seen.

"Why don't you try and find some things here but remember if the police or any other authorities

working on this case you run because if you don't I don't want to know what punishment they would do to you, they might think you were destroying evidence and you might become one of there prime suspects okay?" Kristin tells Brad.

"Got it"Brad continues "Kristin don't worry I will just be a few seconds that's it and you won't get in trouble if I do so there is nothing to worry about" Brad confirms Kristin.


"I can't help but worry about Brad what if he gets caught" Kristin tells Luke while getting ready for bed.

"Well don't because he is strong and I think we should talk about something else and I think you know what I mean" Luke tells Kristin.

" Luke not now I have a lot on my mind right now but I don't think I do know what you were talking about so can you explain it to me in a very detailed and slow?" Kristin whispers to Luke.

"How about I show you" Luke tells Kristin and gently kisses Kristin's neck while they both start to lean against thee bedroom walls and suddenly Luke's phone vibrates and he checks it and it ruins the mood so when he starts again Kristin quickly pushes him off and tells him "you ruined the mood sorry maybe later"

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