Hey There Delilah

Delilah was a sophomore in high school when everything changed for her. She was always shy and socially awkward and believed that love was something built for pretty people until one day a new student comes to school and tries to heal her heart broken by her past. As the two fall for each other, they learn more and more about each other making their love grow stronger. But will they have the guts to tell each other how they really feel?


4. Chapter 4

“You can let go of me,” Dominick said. Delilah was still clinging to his waist even after they were parked in the school parking lot. Dominick laughed.


    “Not until we have stopped,” Delilah said through her shakiness.


    “We have stopped,” Delilah opened her eyes and quickly let go and blushed profusely. She quickly got up and started running. Dominick smirked and chased after her. He grabbed her wrist and spun her around and held her by her waist.


    “Let me go!” Delilah said still panicking. Dominick smirked and pulled her closer. Delilah managed to slip out of his arms and run into the school. Dominick stood there for a second then smiled and walked into the school. When Delilah got to her new first period class she looked around and saw many junior grade and senior grade students. She was, in fact, the only sophomore there. She blushed and took her seat in the back corner of the room and looked out the window. She had a perfect view of the school parking lot. When she scanned she saw Dominick’s bright red motorcycle and blushed once more. Suddenly she felt a tap on her shoulder. Quickly she looked up to see an extremely attractive boy looking down and smiling at her. Delilah blushed even more.


    “Is this seat taken?” He asked. His voice was like heaven. Delilah silently nodded trying not to show her face which she was sure was very red. The boy smiled and sat down and turned and held out his hand toward her. “My name is Nathan by the way.” Delilah looked at him and took his hand and looked at him.


    “Delilah,” She said in a soft voice that was almost inaudible. Nathan’s smile widened as he looked her dead in the eyes.


    “What a gorgeous name,” He said with a toothy grin. Delilah laughed and looked at him.


    “Thank you,” she said a little bit louder. The bell chimed and everyone gave their attention to the old man in the front of the class.


    “Hello class my name is Mr. Albrecht as most of you know. The reason I am introducing myself again is because we have a new student,” He pointed straight back at Delilah causing everyone’s heads to turn to her. Delilah blushed and dropped her eyes to the floor. Nathan looked at her and stood up.


    “Her name is Delilah. It’s a very pretty name for a very pretty girl so I don’t want any of you guys making fun of her. Just because she’s younger doesn’t mean you get to have your way with her,” Nathan said. His voice sounding stern. Delilah looked up at him and smiled slightly. Mr. Albrecht looked at him and then me.


    “Yes, her name is Delilah. Thank you, Nathan for confessing your love and affection to her. But Delilah is a sophomore so if she needs help I want all of you to lend a hand to her if she needs it. With that said, Delilah I want you to try your hardest on your own first,” Delilah nodded and Nathan sat down. The class began and Delilah took notes through the whole duration. Nathan kept sneaking glances of her and looking back at his own paper. The bell broke the silence of the classroom during work time. Everyone stood up and rushed to the door. Delilah stayed behind and took her time packing up. She stood and saw Nathan still standing over her. Delilah blushed and started walking out with Nathan behind her.


    “Sorry I wanted to walk you to your next class,” Nathan said sheepishly.Delilah smiled.


    “I don’t mind,” She said as they walked to Delilah’s second period. They walked into the class together and Nathan left. Delilah took her seat in the back and layed her head down. Classes continued and continued until finally the bell rang to tell that school was ending. Delilah went to her locker and gathered her stuff and headed out of the doors. When she got outside, she saw Dominick standing there with a group of boys that were known to be up to no good. Delilah rolled her eyes and walked passed them pretending not to notice them. Suddenly Delilah was pulled into a hug by Dominick. She blushed and tried to squirm free.


    “Where do you think you’re going, doll?” he asked with a smirk on his face. Delilah pushed as hard as she could to try to get free but failed miserably.


    “Home if you’d let me go!” Delilah said angrily. Dominick looked down at her.


    “Oh like you were so willing to let go of me this morning?” he asked with his wicked grin. Delilah blushed more and finally got free.


    “I have to go,” Delilah said and turned. She kept thinking of what an ass he was becoming. Or maybe he was always like this, she just never noticed. Suddenly she was being lifted into the air causing her to scream out. She quickly turned to see Nathan with his hands up in surrender.


    “Sorry didn’t mean to startle you,” He said as he scratched the back of his head. Delilah smiled and lightly punched him.


    “It’s fine,” She said while blushing. Nathan moved closer to her causing her to blush more.


    “What the hell is going on?!” a voice broke the comfortable silence between the two of them. Delilah looked to see Dominick standing there. Nathan looked at him and then looked at me.


    “Sorry are you two-?” Nathan said but before he could finish Delilah cut him off and stared at Dominick.


    “No we’re not, and I need to go home,” Delilah said as she turned to walk away. Nathan grabbed her wrist and she looked at him. Dominick scoffed and rolled his eyes. Nathan glared at him.


    “Got something to say tough guy?” Nathan asks. Delilah looked at him wide eyed and then back at Dominick and backed away. Dominick laughed and stepped closer.


    “So what if I do?” He says stepping closer. Delilah backed away even more. Dominick looked at her scared expression and backed off. Nathan looked at him confused and then looked back at Delilah and suddenly understood. He looked back at Dominick.


    “We will talk later,” Nathan said. Dominick nodded and turned away. Nathan took Delilah’s hand and led her to his car. They both got in and Nathan looked at her. “Where do you live,” he asked as they both put their seat belts on.


    “The fourth house on Evergreen Avenue,” she responded mekely. The car ride was silent but it was a very comfortable silence. She laid her head back in the seat causing Nathan to look at her. He smiled as he scanned her auburn hair which was curly at this point given the fact that her hair never stayed straight. Her pale skin contrasting against her pale pink lips. She looked gorgeous in his eyes. Finally they reached her house and by then Delilah was fully asleep. Nathan parked his car in her driveway and unbuckled her carefully lifting her out of the car. He took her inside and laid her on her bed. He smiled and kissed her forehead before heading out and driving away. Dominick stayed looking through his window into hers with clenched teeth and balled fist. He was going to kill that Nathan kid.

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