Hey There Delilah

Delilah was a sophomore in high school when everything changed for her. She was always shy and socially awkward and believed that love was something built for pretty people until one day a new student comes to school and tries to heal her heart broken by her past. As the two fall for each other, they learn more and more about each other making their love grow stronger. But will they have the guts to tell each other how they really feel?


3. Chapter 3

    Delilah layed still in her bed as she heard the shouting from downstairs. Her mom came home early, which meant she was either drunk, or needed money. She never comes home unless she knows Delilah’s dad is sleeping and always leaves before anyone wakes up. It was like her mom was never there. Delilah wished she was but at the same time she didn’t. Her mom was always cruel to Delilah and there were plenty of times when her dad wasn’t home that she hit Delilah. Hard. When her dad found out, he was furious and ever since then it’s been constant fighting. Delilah rolled onto her side and looked out her window. Her eyes widened she saw a half naked Dominick in the window across from hers. She blushed profusely and quickly sat up. As quickly as she reacted was as quickly she regretted it. The blood instantly rushed to her head causing her to feel nauseous and lightheaded. She quickly opened up her window and inhaled and exhaled steadily. She closed her eyes. The cool air definitely felt nice. Before she knew it she was crawling out of her window and sitting on the little piece of roof that happened to be right outside her window. She looked up at the stars and admired their beauty.


    “Beautiful aren’t they,” A voice sounded from across the way. Delilah jumped and looked to see Dominick sitting on his roof outside of his window. She blushed and looked down.


    “Yea they are,” She said as returned her attention to the starry sky. Dominick looked at her and smiled. Delilah looked back at him and blushed.


    “You know stars are kinda like people,” he said with a smirk. Delilah tilted her head with curiosity.


    “How so?” Delilah asked. Dominick’s smirk turned into a smile and looked up.


    “They all seem so close but in reality they’re light years away. People are the same way. We are always so close to each other but we always feel like we are light years away. Like me and you. We are so close but to me you’re so far out of reach, it’s overwhelming,” Dominick said. Their eyes locked and Delilah blushed profusely. Suddenly, Delilah’s bedroom light turned on causing her to look back. She saw her dad standing in the doorway crying. Delilah quickly left Dominick to go see what was wrong with her dad.


    “What’s wrong?” Delilah asked with great concern. Her dad’s teary eyes met hers and he managed a big but sorrowful smile. Delilah’s heart dropped.


    “You’re mom left us darling. She’s not coming back,” He said in a shaky voice. He fell to his knees and Delilah fell down with him. She felt the tears start rolling down her face as she embraced her father into a hug.


    “I’m so sorry dad,” Delilah said. Her dad kept weeping until he fell asleep in her arms. Delilah looked at him and checked to see if Dominick was still up. Sure enough there he was, sitting on a chair reading a book. Delilah inhaled and crawled out her window and climbed onto the tree that sat in between hers and Dominick’s house and carefully walked across it to the other side. She jumped on Dominick’s roof and gently tapped on his window. She saw him jump and giggled a little. He went to the window and opened and Delilah crawled in quickly.


    “To what do I owe the pleasure,” He said with a smirk. Delilah smiled but it quickly vanished when she remembered why she was there.


    “I need your help,” she said in a shaky voice. Dominick looked at her confused.


    “What could a meek little girl like you possibly need help with at 12:30 at night?” He said.


    “I’m not little nor am I meek. And I need help getting my dad to bed,”




    “It’s personal. Will you help me or not,” Dominick nodded and they both headed out the window and crossing with the tree back to Delilah’s window. Delilah jumped in and went to where she had left her father. Dominick froze in the window.


    “Is he okay?” he said with concern. Delilah nodded and attempted to help her father up. Dominick quickly joined her at her side and lifted her father up. They both carried him to his bedroom which was already half empty. They set him down on his bed and Delilah scanned the barren room. She felt a tear stream down her face. Dominick looked at her and suddenly she started bawling. Dominick hugged her. No words were spoken, just her being comforted by the warm embrace of his arms. They stayed like that for a while until Delilah passed out. Dominick looked down at her and smiled. Carefully he picked her up and carried her back to her room and tucked her in. He sat in the window and watched her carefully making sure she was okay then crossed the tree back to his room and fell asleep.




The sun invaded Delilah’s dark room causing her to wince. She sat up and stretched and just kinda sat there. She jumped at the sudden tap at the window. She quickly turned her head to see Dominick sitting on her roof. She blushed and looked at herself. She looked like shit. She blushed even more and walked over to the window and opened it.


    “What are you doing here?” She asked in a really sleepy voice. Dominick smirked.


    “You woke up late. The bus just left and you were up late,” Dominick said through a wicked grin. It took Delilah a second to process what was just said. Suddenly she felt her heart drop.


    “Shit!” She shouted and quickly rushed to her closet and pulled out a pair of skinny jeans and a t-shirt and ran into the bathroom accidentally leaving it open a crack. Dominick jumped in through the window that Delilah had left open and sat on her bed. You’re not going to make it to school on time if you walk. We live seven miles away from the school. Delilah rushed out of the bathroom fully dressed and her hair in a now brushed messy bun. Dominick stood and hugged her from behind. Delilah’s heart pounded and suddenly she was being spun around by Dominick who was inches away from her face. Delilah blushed profusely.


    “Are you ready?” He asked in the deep and rich voice. Delilah blushed even more and was unable to speak. Dominick smirked and took her hand and pulled her out of her bedroom and out of her front door. They made their way across the lawn when suddenly Delilah found the courage to speak.


    “What are you doing?! We need to go to school we’re going to be late! I know Auzra’s already gone. I need to start walking!” Delilah said in a panic. Dominick smirked.


    “You’re cute when you panic you know that? Anyways you’re not walking. I’m taking you to school,” Delilah was about to ask why when they both stopped in front of a bright red motorcycle. Her jaw dropped and she felt her stomach doing turns.


    “Oh hell no! I am not getting on that thing!! I would rather be late!” Delilah said. Before she could even turn around to run away Dominick had picked her up and put her on the back and handed her his helmet.


    “If you get scared, you can hold onto my waist,” Dominick said. Delilah glared at him before screaming when he took off down the road. She quickly hugged his waist and Dominick smirked. This was not the cute guy she had met on the first day of school. This was a total badass.

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