Hey There Delilah

Delilah was a sophomore in high school when everything changed for her. She was always shy and socially awkward and believed that love was something built for pretty people until one day a new student comes to school and tries to heal her heart broken by her past. As the two fall for each other, they learn more and more about each other making their love grow stronger. But will they have the guts to tell each other how they really feel?


1. Chapter 1

    The rain fell hard on the fourth house on Evergreen avenue. Delilah lied silently in her room watching the minutes tick by on her clock. It was a little passed one in the morning and her mum hasn’t quite stumbled in yet. This was her normal every night routine. Listening to the static of the television in her parents’ room and the occasional glass breaking of her father’s drunk midnight walks. Her mother won’t come home until she is sure that her father has finally fallen asleep which is typically after two in the morning. This was the everyday routine for Delilah. She grew fond of it. Suddenly her eyelids got heavier and heavier and suddenly she was drifting off to the only place she could be safe. Her dreams.


    Her alarm clock broke the all too familiar silence of her room waking her from her static dreams. She sat up abruptly and stretched her arms upwards and turned off her alarm. She sat in her bed for a while before she finally removed the covers from her body and stepping onto the chilly hardwood floor. She made her way to her bathroom and scanned herself in the mirror. She was wearing her usual pajamas which consisted of boxer shorts and her lime green sports bra and her messy bun. She cleaned out her belly button ring and continued to scan her body. She was disgusted with her reflection. All she could think about was how fat she was and how ugly she was. She turned away from her reflection and started the shower. She got undressed and got in. Afterwards she wrapped the towel lazily around her body and walked out of her bathroom and headed towards her closet. She pulled on her sleeping with sirens band tee, skinny jeans, and her vans. Suddenly there was a large bang downstairs causing Delilah to jump and trip over her own feet. Footsteps sounded through the house. Her father was home. She quickly grabbed her starkid hoodie and backpack and snuck out through her window. She ran down the street until she reached the seventh house on Evergreen avenue and knocked on the first floor window leading to her best friend, Auzra’s room.The window opened and the long. blonde curls of Auzra’s hair started flying in the wind.


    “What the hell, Li. Next time call first!” Auzra said in a raspy and tired voice.Delilah laughed and crawled in her window.


    “Well I was kind of in a rush. My dad was home this morning,” Delilah said as she noticed a guy shifting in Auzra’s bed. Delilah looks at her.


    “Don’t worry about him. And did you hear there’s going to be a new kid today?! I hope he’s hot!” Auzra says as she puts on her clothes and throws Delilah a brush for her hair.


    “I like how we get a new kid and you automatically assume it’s a guy and that he will be chasing after you like a hungry wolf.” Delilah said with a sigh as she brushes her hair. It brushes softly on her shoulders as Auzra laughs.


    “What can I say. I like the new ones,” She responded. Delilah rolled her eyes and took Auzra’s eyeliner and put it on.


    “Ready to go?” Delilah asks Auzra. Auzra nodded and walked over to the guy sleeping on her bed and pulls out her lipstick. She writes something in Russian on his chest and grabs her bag and walks out the door. Delilah follows after her rolling her eyes once more. They both made their way out the door and to Auzra’s car and headed off to school.


    They entered the school together hand in hand as they usually do and then went their separate ways when they reached a fork in the hallways. Delilah counted the tiles to her locker when suddenly she bumped into someone sending their stuff flying.


    “Oh my gosh I’m so sorry! I should have been looking where I was going.” Delilah said in her meek little voice as she dropped to the ground to pick up the stuff she had sent flying.


    “It’s okay. My bad are you okay?” a deep voice sounded causing Delilah to look up. She noticed a gorgeous boy looking down at her with the most pure baby blue eyes. She felt her blood rushing to her cheeks leaving them a scarlet blush and she quickly looked away.


    “Y-yes I am fine thank you.” she says as she hands him his papers without making eye contact. She could feel her heart racing. She was very shy and socially awkward so she tried very hard to avoid human interaction. Especially interactions with gorgeous boys with mesmerizing eyes.


    “Is there something on my face or something?” He said in a desperate causing Delilah to look up and blush profusely.


    “Oh no no! You’re just...well….I gotta go.” Delilah stutters as she runs off to her english class without her stuff. She finally sat in her seat and released the breath she didn’t realize she was holding. She rested her head down on her desk as she listened to the footsteps and laughter shuffle in and passed the classroom. Her concentration was broken when she felt a tap on her shoulder causing her to jump. She looked up only to see Auzra giving her a sideways glance.


    “What’s got you so fucking jumpy?” Auzra said in a kind of annoyed manner. Before Delilah could speak she noticed someone new entering the classroom. She moved her attention to the very boy she had encountered in the hall. Delilah’s face turned bright red and Auzra turned to see what her friend was looking at. “Wow he’s cute.” Auzra finally said with her eyes staring at his every movement. Delilah stood up and pushed passed Auzra and out of the classroom and started down the hall. She was not about to be stuck in a class with a guy who probably thought she was a freak. Suddenly she felt a hand grab her wrist and she quickly turned losing balance and tripping over her own foot. She embraced herself for the impact but opened her eyes when she realized she never hit the ground. She found herself face to face with the guy from the hall. She started blushing once more and pushed away while backing up.


    “The teacher sent me to see if you were alright. But I take it I’m the last person you want to see given your reaction to me coming to class and catching you.” He said with a little sadness in his voice causing Delilah to look at him. He didn’t seem to notice her looking at him until the bell filled the silence between the two of them causing him to look up. Delilah felt a panic overcome her.


    “Oh no we’re late! I’m late! My mum is going to kill me,” Delilah said as she began to hyperventilate. Everything around her started to fade to black when she suddenly felt two hands on her face. Before she could even realize what was happening her vision came back and she saw the boy standing right over her with a worried expression on his face.


“Are you okay?! Oh my god!” He said with a sense of urgency in his voice. Delilah blinked and sat up and looked at him.


“We’re late for class.” Delilah said in a monotone voice. The boy looked at her and started laughing. His laugh was so sweet and pure that it made Delilah laugh as well.


“You almost passed out and you’re concerned with the fact that we’re late?! Wow. You are something you know that?” He said as he smiled at Delilah. Delilah blushed and stood up. “My name’s Dominick by the way.” He extended his hand toward her. Delilah took it and helped him up.


“Delilah.” She said in a soft voice. He smiled wider causing her to laugh.


“Like the song. Hey there Delilah.” Dominick said. Delilah blushed and smiled.


“Yes. Exactly like the song.” She said.


“Well we should probably get to class.” He said blushing as he scratched the back of his head. Delilah laughed and nodded and they both headed down the hall to get to class.


    When they got into class everyone was staring at them but most of all, Auzra was staring at Dominick. They took their seats next to each other and tuned in to the teacher’s lecture.


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