The Year Everything Changed

The year Annabelle moves to a new school is the year everything changes.

She thinks it is going to be like any other year. So she TOTALLY wasn't expecting to find herself falling for a sweet and kind guy.

And the rest of the year she twists her head trying to find out if he likes her back.

Can he really be the thing that can change her forever?


5. The Change

It was after school and I was going to daycare(aka hell hole). I was late to study hall so I had to walk alone.

When I got here Lana was already there, like always. I sat in the corner desk and Lana sat two desk away from me. Apparently there was a rule in that study hall room that said we can't set next to another.

It was like any other day at study hall. I do my homework. I 'talk' to Lana. I stare at the clock hoping time can go by faster.

The only thing that wasn't like 'any other day' was that Brandon was there. He seat was right behind me, and two desk away from him was Paul, he was one of my old classmates from my old school.

Ok so I finish math. I did the history worksheet. Ok, did that. Did that. Did that. Did..... Oh shiz I forgot my science book!

"Hey, Lana. Can I borrow your science book I forgot to bring mine." I was hoping she didn't for get too.

"Wait. What!?!? We had science homework! I forgot about that!" She sounded like she about to die. Great! She forgot too!

"Hey, Annabelle. You can borrow my science book once I'm done with it. If you want"

I turn away to see Brandon was throne that offered me to use his book. It wasn't unusual, cause they have talked before a little bit.

"How did you know I needed a science book? Were you eavesdropping on us?!?!" I asked him trying to keep my cool. (Ya I know I should have just said ya and thanks but I was curious!)

He gave me a nonchalant smirk and say, "Do you want to borrow me book or not." OMG he was eavesdropping on us! Wow.

"Yes I do was to borrow your book and thanks" I said trying not to laugh and smiled. He just smiled back.

"Do you want to borrow my book Lana." Paul asked Lana like Brandon's and my conversation never happened.

"Ya, thanks."

Me and Lana talked more and then study hall was over and we were free to go on the black top and the green field.

"Hey thanks again for letting me use your book."

"No problem. And I wasn't eavesdropping." He gave me a quick grin. Right then my stomach felt weird. But I just ignored it.

I gave him look my 'oh ya right' look "Then how did you now I need a science book?"

"Cause you had all your books except your science book."

"Oh so you were looking in my direction then!" I said like he was stalking me.

"No I just looking at the clock." He said in a way like he just got caught in a crime.

"The clock was above me, not on my desk." I raised one if my eyebrows.

He had a worried look in his eyes this time. So I just started to laugh.

"Fine so you were looking at the 'clock' and you saw that I didn't have my science book." Quoting with my fingers when I said clock still laughing.

He started laugh too on how I was mocking him.

We kept talking for a while even when it was time to go to the daycare room. It felt, at that moment, that we were best friends. I feeling in my stomach didn't go away but I ignored it the best I could. I didn't really understand the feeling I had or why I had it but I know it was here.

The feelings didn't leave until he went home. When I went home I was thinking of me and Brandon's conversation and the feelings that I felt in my stomach were back when I thought about it.

Why do I feel this way? I never felt like this! Why the hell won't this feeling go AWAY?!?!?!

I couldn't sleep that night. I was thinking over and over about the conversation and the more I thought of it the more questions I had. I fell asleep thinking of all my questions

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