The Year Everything Changed

The year Annabelle moves to a new school is the year everything changes.

She thinks it is going to be like any other year. So she TOTALLY wasn't expecting to find herself falling for a sweet and kind guy.

And the rest of the year she twists her head trying to find out if he likes her back.

Can he really be the thing that can change her forever?


2. Prologue

Have you ever thought that God already planned your whole life?

Like what your going to be when you grow up, or how many kids your going to have, or how long you will live, or even the person you're meant to be with.

Well I believe that but only I thought I was meant to be alone.

Or a least I thought I was suppose to.

"The feeling that you can't explain,

The smile that will always appear,

The moment your heart skips a beat,

The time you finally realize your in love."

- Natalie

I never thought I'd ever find someone that would ever like me. Not even in a friend way! But I guess I was wrong.

I'll start from the beginning for you to understand.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Beginning of the Year~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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