The Year Everything Changed

The year Annabelle moves to a new school is the year everything changes.

She thinks it is going to be like any other year. So she TOTALLY wasn't expecting to find herself falling for a sweet and kind guy.

And the rest of the year she twists her head trying to find out if he likes her back.

Can he really be the thing that can change her forever?


4. First "Crush"

After 2 weeks of being at that school I started liking this guy named John.

He has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He was considered very sensitive and cries a lot. (To be honest now when I took back I don't know what I was thinking!)

One day at recess we were all standing at the far wall and a basketball was thrown at me and my friends. And of course I caught it.

I never noticed the guy who thrown it until now, it was Brandon.

My friends told me he was looking at me smiling and they also told me that an 8th grader boy was behind me and was about to catch the basketball.

"Dude he was looking at you!"Alexis and Lana told me.

"Really! He was!"I said shocked.

"Ya he was."Lana replied in my same tone.

Alexis, Lana, and Mary were trying to set me up with John. But I think it is useless to try.


(One moment that happened)

I was watching the football practice at daycare and was looking to see if I can find John(yes I know that sounds really stalkish).

When I am searching that people a guy is staring at me, now I noticed that it was Brandon! But, back when that happened I don't recognized him or even know his name.

Why he that guy staring at me? Who is that guy anyways? Does that guy even know me?


As a month passed I realized how dump I as to like John.

Don't get me wrong he is a nice guy but he was just too emotional.

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