Apple Bucking Season (Apple Jack MLP fanfic)

Apple Jack's first Apple Bucking Season wasn't the Apple Family's best, but what does Apple Jack think?


1. The Art of Apple Bucking

As the butter yellow sun of a beautiful saturday morning arose from behind the hills, an anticipated Apple Jack leapt from her small, stiff bed and dashed over to her brother's. It was empty. The red covers were made and the pillow was fluffed. Apple Jack then went over to the bedroom door and pushed it open with both of her tan hooves propped up on it. She sped down the corridor and down the creaky stairs, fumbling a step and slipping occasionally. She finally entered the smoky kitchen, in which Big Macintosh was cooking Apple Crepes, his specialty. Big Mac was Apple Jack's older brother and secondary father figure, as well as Granny Smith's grandson and helper. He often worked his hardest on the farm, with Granny being a bit too tired out these days to work on the farm as much as she used to and Apple Jack being too small and young. Apple Jack was overjoyed to see Big Mac cooking Crepes, for this just added to the anticipation already building up in her. Apple Bucking Season was up and coming and Apple Jack was almost old enough to participate, since her leg muscles were starting to develop. Big Mac, although very protective, was happy to teach his sister the "Art of Apple Bucking". Apple Jack jumped up onto Big Mac's back and said

"Mackie, we gonna go Apple Bucking today?". Big Mac stepped away from the frying pan for a second to let Apple Jack back down onto the floor.

"Of course we are, Jackie. We're going to have breakfast first, though" Big Mac said, lifting his sister with a single hoof onto the floor next to him. "You go and take a seat now, I'll be right there with some finished Apple Crepes!". Apple Jack practically teleported to the table and leapt onto her booster seat. Granny Smith was already sitting down at the table and said to her granddaughter,

"You excited, Duckie?".

"You bet, Granny! I'm gonna be the best Apple Bucker in all of Equestria!" Apple Jack replied animatedly. Granny Smith's smile strengthened and she grinned approvingly at the little filly. Big Mac came over to the table and placed down his Crepes.

"Mackie?" Apple jack asked. "Can I have three Crepes?"

"You can have two," Big Mac replied. "And don't worry, I'll get the syrup". Once in possession of the maple syrup, Apple Jack smothered each Apple Crepe on her plate with it. 

"Now, if you want to go outside today and learn to Apple Buck, you be a good girl and wash up with me after breakfast" Big Mac said. Apple Jack nodded in agreement and chewed on her Apple Crepe contently. She wolfed down her second one quickly and leapt off of her seat.

"Okay, I'm ready to go outside and wash my plate now!" Apple Jack said hastily. Big Mac picked his sister up with his hoof again and placed her back on her chair.

"You wait right there now and wait for me and Granny to finish," Big Mac said sternly. Apple Jack nodded again and stayed on her seat. Once Big Mac and Granny were done, he said

"Okay, now you go and wash your plate, I'll wash mine and Granny's,". Apple Jack dashed over to the sink and scrubbed her plate pristine with the yellow sponge that had been lying around. She presented her now sparkling plate to her brother.

"Wipe it dry then put it back in the cupboard" He said. Apple Jack obeyed happily and took a kitchen towel to dry her plate with. After wiping every drop, she balanced it atop a pile of cleaned china precariously. Big Mac placed it down on the counter to prevent it from smashing as Apple Jack sprinted over to the door. She put her tiny tan hooves up against it and pushed with all her might as the wooden block was pushed slowly open. Big Mac walked over to his sister and followed her out of the door.






The filly sprinted out of the gates of the barn and down into the huge apple woods. She waited impatiently for her brother, who trotted over to the same tree his sister was at.

"Alrighty now, Jackie. Listen up! You've got a lot to learn, so pay close attention, got it?"

"Yeah yeah," Said Apple Jack hastily, "just get along with it! I can't wait this much to apple buck my way to stardom!". Macintosh laughed and walked over to a suitable tree. He positioned himself and said

"Watch closely, this is important. I'm going to push my back legs off the ground and do a little hoof-stand, then I buck my legs back onto the tree as hard as I can. Got that?" as he completed each action. Apple Jack nodded impatiently and ran got ready to copy her brother. Quickly, Big Mac dashed over to her and pulled her back.

"Now Jackie, you've got to be careful when Apple Bucking, or you could hurt yourself real bad! Let me help you" he said, positioning the little filly with his large hooves. Once satisfied, he stepped back and explained the instructions again.

"Yeah yeah, I heard! Just let me do it, Mackie!" Apple Jack focused with all her might on getting the perfect footing. She shuffled about a little, Big Mac disapproving but obeying her request. The young pony leant forward and folded up her legs, ready to buck the tree. She kicked back, lightly tapping the trunk. Filled with pride, Apple Jack said to Big Mac haughtily,

"See? I can do stuff by myself! How many apples did I get?".

"None just yet, Jackie. But you can keep on trying, let me give you some tips on perfecting your apple bucking, M'kay?" Big Mac said, bucking a tree himself. Apple Jack gave the tree a big, long stare. She eyed it, as if analysing it closely, and turned her head back around, ready for round 2. She followed her instructions carefully and, with tremendous might, she bucked the tree. A single apple fell, as if in slow motion, hitting Apple Jack promptly on the head. She took a moment to stare at the fallen fruit and suddenly started to hop around with joy.

"Well done Jackie! Now you take that apple and go on inside"

"No way!" Apple Jack protested. "I'm doing a round 3. This time I'll get two apples!". Big Mac smiled, but looked past Apple Jack to see a bright purple unicorn walking over to him, a grave look on his face. 

"Alrighty Jackie, in that case you run along and find some other tree. I got some business to do now" Big Mac explained, shooing his sister off. 

The unicorn came into range of Big Mac, who asked him

"Hello there Telegram, how can I help you today?". Telegram pushed his green hair out of eyes his with a hoof and began.

"Big Macintosh, it's your mother, Sweet Apple, and your father, Apple Mack, they are dead. They were taken by a chimera just yesterday. I am sorry to report this to you, but it is equestrian law that I do so for any dead pony's relatives. I am off to Appleloosa next to notify the couple's nephew. Before I go, would you like to know any extra information?". Big Mac stood stock still, as if his hooves were nailed to the ground. Slowly, he answered


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