Alice in the dead land (walking dead fan fic)

I don't own the picture or the real book. What happens when Alice meets a group and helps them escape a horrible place called terminus. And how will she deal with the recent loss of her sister Allie. Contest for the walking dead contest. #thewalkingdeadcontest


1. introduction

It was a horrible outbreak that started it. And when I say it I mean the apocalypse. The zombie apocalypse.

My name is Alice and I am living in a world with monsters. And I'm not talking about the walkers. I saw an add for a sanctuary called terminus down the tracks and I'm on my way there. With my little sister Allie. She is 4 and I am 13. Allie has black long hair and green eyes like my mom and I had black hair but I dyed it blond and cut it short. I have snake bites and 3 piercings on one ear and 5 on the other. Ya I'm that kind of girl get over it.

My mom was turned into a zombie and I don't know who my dad is because she said he left to be with his brother before the out brake. All I have is me and my sister and some food in a bag but good thing were almost at terminus.

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