Alice in the dead land (walking dead fan fic)

I don't own the picture or the real book. What happens when Alice meets a group and helps them escape a horrible place called terminus. And how will she deal with the recent loss of her sister Allie. Contest for the walking dead contest. #thewalkingdeadcontest


2. arrival

Me and Allie arrive at the gates of terminus but I wanted to go through the back door because I am not taking any chances like last time.

I walk through the back door to see a man pointing a gun at me so I pull out my semi automatic machine gun and fire away at him cause hell no I'm not taking any chances.

Then suddenly I see people firing at me and my sister and when I go to grab her to run I noticed they shot her right in the stomach and she fell to the floor. I didn't know what to do but break down.

The men grabbed me and threw me in a train cart and took my machine gun away. "Fuck" I said then hit the train carts wall.

"Are you ok?" A female voice asked from across the train cart.

"Ya I'm fine " I say before balling my eyes out because I realized that my sister is gone and it ways my responsibility to keep her safe. "No your not " a boy about my age said to me "I'll be alright" I said " I lost my little sister those bastards killed her" "it will be ok" the boy said sitting next to me "my name is carl" he said "cool I'm alice " I said monotone. Then I realized something. I jumped up and said " HEY GUYS I JUST REALIZED I HAVE A HAND GRANADE AND A POCKET KNIFE AND A GUN IN MY BAG" I practically yelled. Then the guy that looked like he might be a leader said "ok let's do this"

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