Everlasting Light


1. Everlasting Light

I feel lost, never to be found.

I feel cold, never to be warmed.

I feel still, never to be moved.

It's as if one moment I was gifted with never ending light - something you gave me.

It's as if the next I was gifted with a thick door, wedged between the two of our souls - something you gave me.

I assumed my eyes were faulty - spat at with my own false lies.

I assumed my mind was messy - crammed with my own busy life.

Perhaps at the start it was true.

Perhaps at the start I was right.

Maybe I let the paranoyal take over, spit again in my eyes, and pour more into my mind.

Then it moved onto to your, and therefore became the truth.

Or maybe it was what was simply going on - not paranoyal, an instinct. Reality. You didn't want me there - I deserved the dark not the light.

Am I in the pitch black now? Or is there a flickering flame which I cannot see?

Will you feed it more oxygen? Or is that a job left for me alone?

Gently, I blow on it, and suddenly it bursts into a full bonfire, miniature sparks flying off it in glee.

Then you appear, a glow surrounding your body - your everlasting light.

Together we caress the bonfire with our breath, feeding it with gleaming hope.

Now the room's full of destructive material, or to me a sign of joy.

I look down at the cupped hands you push out towards me, and I spy the floating ball of powerful light - the everlasting light.

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