Sini is half french and half finnish girl. She's 18 and going to London for her studies - well that's what she told to her parents. Actually, she is dreaming every day of leaving her lousy french town to a big city a.k.a. London, where she could try dance auditions...

Hey so there will be the presence of 5SOS AND One Direction boys :')


4. Who's that

Luke's POV for the first time yayy!


Calum was seriously getting on my nerves at the moment. I told them, when i felt an argument was about to come at any moment in the rehearsing room, that i needed fresh air, so i escaped quickly. We arrived like 4 days ago in London, and it's not that i don't like it in here, but management and all are sooo on our backs and i can't stand it. I heard them talking about whose girl we should be dating to have even more publicity from tabloids. They were talking about it as if it was some huge geopolitical or environmental subject of a huge stake but come on ! All that mattered to them was 'Jade may not give the same attention as, i don't know, Acacia?' AND BLAH BLAH BLAH


Calum is totally okay with that stuff and i fear the celebrity could change him. I was in these thoughts when suddenly i heard loud hip hop music on the floor i erupted in. From the windows i could see it was a dance class, and i wouldn't have stayed watching but my eyes caught this girl with long black straight hair preparing for her choreography.


The first notes of Beyonce's 'Drunk in love' song started and her body moved along with the rythm. It wasn't like she was trying to be sexy, instead sexy was trying to be her i'd have said.


It was like 30sec of her dancing strong moves and adding flexibility tricks, that blew me away. I just couldn't move, but then i realized she was leaving from the room - shit i didn't know what to do, where to hide - that when walking away i bumped into her.. Stupid me.


She even fell on the floor, and i heard her say 'Merde!', then she looked up at me and said 'Uuurm sorry i'm clumsy'.

I offered her my hand to help her stand up, in addition, i couldn't stop staring at her. I have no idea if she noticed my state but she smiled at me.


'Nice shirt by the way' she gazed at my 'rad' sleevecut tee.


She then walked away and turned left at the stairs, where she turned her head one last time to give me a smile. 


I then realized i didn't say any f*cking word, i stayed like a freak staring at her! That's not me usually... This girl was so pretty and now i feel like a loser that let away the chance to get to know her!


Wait. What's that? On. The. Floor. AYEAH her navy blue bandana she had thrown on top of her bag before she started her dance... It may have fallen when i bumped into her on the hall. I caught it without thinking and chase down the stairs after her like 'Yay this time you'll have a real conversation with her' but she already have left the complex and i couldn't find her anywhere around.


Breathing heavily after this run, i returned to the band rehearsing room, still holding the girl's bandana.


A/N -Hope you like this chapter ♥ ♥ ♥ Finally the story really starts with more events and all.. can't wait for the next chapter BUT : I had to rewrite everything on the computer, since it doesn't seem to work on the mobile internet, anyone knows why? :( I'd update so much more frequently if it was possible to do it with my phone!!

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