Sini is half french and half finnish girl. She's 18 and going to London for her studies - well that's what she told to her parents. Actually, she is dreaming every day of leaving her lousy french town to a big city a.k.a. London, where she could try dance auditions...

Hey so there will be the presence of 5SOS AND One Direction boys :')


1. Sini Story

Hey I'm Sini Cavey. I live in France, in a small town near the sea. My mom is finnish and my dad is french, in case you wonder where my weird name is from :)

Basically, I did everything well my whole life. I mean that I always had been the good girl. Being polite. Coming home with good grades. Going to every family day. Avoiding trouble, boyfriends, parties. I kept doing all of this in order to have the right to continue taking dance classes twice a week. 

Now I'm about to turn 18 years old, and I'm allowed to pursue my studies where I always dreamt of : LONDON ♥ The thing is that I told my parents I was going to study at the London's Economic and Political Science University. But I don't plan on spending my whole time at my desk, i want to pass dance auditions, as many as I can... without telling my parents. They don't take me seriously when i tell them about being professional.

I have already rented a small flat but i have no idea how it's gonna be like. Anyway, new life...

Suddenly I heard a huge noise, it was my train, so i hurried in and found a seat near the window. The adventure started, i guess. New city, new life ... I was ready to hit on. Let's go.


A/N - Hey everyone this is my very first movella, i hope you'll like it ! Uh sorry this first chapter is not really moving but i thought it would help to understand the situation :) I'll try to update this story soon, oh and forgive me if i make mistakes, english is not my native language! LOVE YA ♥

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