Sini is half french and half finnish girl. She's 18 and going to London for her studies - well that's what she told to her parents. Actually, she is dreaming every day of leaving her lousy french town to a big city a.k.a. London, where she could try dance auditions...

Hey so there will be the presence of 5SOS AND One Direction boys :')


3. London is a big city but..

11AM. I had set up my alarm there but i seriously don't feel ready to get up. After fifteen minutes yawning in my bed, i finally found the motivation for, and i ate a bowl of cereals. Today was a special day for me since i was going to a dance audition. I dressed up with a grey tight tank top, leggings and my good old flashy pink and blue adidas. I put on 3 little cute earrings on each of my ears since they're pierced. I like it so it brings a more punk look without being too much. In addition, my parents would have killed my if i get piercings in another area than my ears. I put a black bandana over my head, and was ready to go and HIT THE CITY.


Well that was easy to say, because when i ended up walking outside to go to the artistic complex near oxford street, i felt insecure. My block wasn't safe, i struggled to find a bus stop, then i didn't even catch what the bus driver told me because of his weird accent... 


It's called a change. I guess that's what you call getting out of the so called 'comfort zone'. I surely was. 


I finally found the complex and run to the 5th floor where my audition had begin a few minutes ago. I tried to enter the room without getting noticed but one of the judges gave me a not-so-nice look. Anyway. 


We had to learn a choreography on the song 'waves'. I'd say we were about 50 girls and boys in the dance room. The guy in black that explained to whole thing told us that at the end of the choreo, the judges will decide on who will be the 10 chosen for another round. 


I felt pressure but didn't let it show. In fact, i gave the best i could, and i get chosen with the 9 others. And now was the real challenge : we all had to perform one short dance we had created on the song we want. In front of everybody. I decided to do my drunk in love dance. Music started and i felt members stop because of everyone watching me, especially the judgemental look of their. But that's an audition. That's why i came in London. The first notes went on, and i did it well, even adding some movement showing my flexibility. I ended my choreo with a bow and arrow, and breathe out, after what i felt like a cardio training in my heart.


- Thank you Miss Cavey. We will call you if you're the one we chose. Goodbye.

- Thank you! 


Then i exited the room, my head still turning after the performance, that i bumped into a blond guy.


- A/N - Sorry being late for this chapter, it's exam month :'( HOPE YOU'RE HAVING A GREAT DAY, I LOVE YA ♥♥

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