Sini is half french and half finnish girl. She's 18 and going to London for her studies - well that's what she told to her parents. Actually, she is dreaming every day of leaving her lousy french town to a big city a.k.a. London, where she could try dance auditions...

Hey so there will be the presence of 5SOS AND One Direction boys :')


2. First London Day

In the St Pancras station, I emerged of the crowded train. The atmosphere here was weird, like busy and spectacular. I didn't know where to go, I only had an adress for my apartment. I found a bus plan and saw that the road must be in the south of London. I managed to find the Tube station and then, in half an hour i was in a strange street surrounded by dirty buildings. Anyway, i expected that, i can't afford anything fancy. I'm already sooo lucky to be in London, come on, i won't complain heh!

I searched for my building and found it in 10 minutes. But i actually started to feel unsecure. There was people in the street gathering in small groups, i saw guys with hoodies, smoking, shouting, swearing. I hurried in the building and took the stairs. I struggled with my suitcase but the elevator didn't seem solid. Come on, i don't want to die in my very first day in London! 


I found my place, at the 14th floor. A shitty, tiny, dirty apartment, but at least i had a small balcony with a great view of the london landscape. I took my evian bottle and a piece of bread i had in my suitcase, and sat there, watching the big city that was in front of me. I was so happy, i finally did it! It felt like a turning point, and my life would never be the same. I had the control now, and not my parents.


"Nice to meet you girl !" a smooth voice said. I turned my head to see a blonde skinny girl standing by the barrier separating my balcony from the one at my left. 

"Hi you!" I said smiling at her. I noticed that she was wearing just like me a black bandana over her head, so i said "Nice hairband too!

- Haha, yeah! Okay so my name is Pia, and you?

- Sini

- I guess you're my new neighboor right?

- Yeah, great !"


She lit up her cigarette.


- You want one Sini? 

- Urmh no thanks..


I've already smoked but i was always anxious that my parents could find out, so all the fun was ruined in my head. COME ON, I'M BY MYSELF NOW. I should really stop being all uptight. 


- Uh, so you're a good girl, i assume? Well you should watch out in this block. It is not the london safe suburbs at all. " she told me.


And i surely learnt that later. 

Anyway, we talked a lot and ate dinner together at her place. She is in London because she's a singer, and we laughed a lot! We're are both 18, she's from Guam Island, and tonight we had so much fun! She invited three friends of her that lived in the block too, basically we listened to music way too loud, we danced, Pia sang, we drinked a bit..


I came back at my flat at 2am.. A little late for someone who has a dance audition for 13am, but alright, i was glad to find a new close friend in here, Pia.



A/N - Uh sorry this chapter is not that interesting either i guess :/

I based Sini's new best friend on the singer Pia Mia, i think her style express such a personality, so she's perfect in a story! Tell me what you think about her, if you knew her before or what? 



Pia Mia x

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