Abandoned (Raven Hearst and Cinderstone Orphanage Fanfic)

Charlie is no ordinary girl, 1.) She can see ghost and communicate with them & 2.) She can speak some latin and other languages. *I do not own either game, Sgt= Sergeant and Cpl. = Corporal, PFC= Private First Class, (Raven Hearst and Cinderstone Orphanage Fanfic)*


4. Case #2: Ravenhearst Manor pt. 2

This case just got a hell of a lot bigger, I thought to myself as everyone leafed through the files trying to find more information. Dusty and Maria were studying something together, but when I re-read the article of how Ms. Ravenhearst and Mr. Dalimar met, something clicked and the wheels began turning. 

I kept thinking that there was a pattern, something that I haven't identified yet. Something wasn't right, something was definitely not right. 

"Dusty, what do you and Maria have," I shout whisper. 

"Not much, just similar stuff to what your looking at," Dusty shout whispers back. 

I scan through the files I have, thinking I've missed something.  I close my eyes, rethinking everything. 

This case dates back to 1895, happened in England, ended in mystery because Emma's body was never found. Ravenhearst was build and named after Ms. Emma and one person did die. 

I reopen my eyes to find Dusty staring at me. He freaks out for a moment, but then he regains his composure. 

"May I help you, Dusty," I ask, turning around in my seat.  

"I was just wondering if you wanted to head up to the mansion and to help interview some of the descendants," he responds. 

I nod, putting up the files in a drawer in the desk I was using. Once we're out of the archives building, I felt something finally and I mean finally click about the files and connections. 

"Charlie, you've got that look on your face," Dusty says.

"I'll tell you my idea later, Dusty," I tell him as we walk down the street.

Puzzles, that was something Mr. Dalimar liked. So to think like him would be a crime, possibly. First lets interview the descendants of that era, scope out the mansion and then review the files again, because I know the connection between everything.


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