Abandoned (Raven Hearst and Cinderstone Orphanage Fanfic)

Charlie is no ordinary girl, 1.) She can see ghost and communicate with them & 2.) She can speak some latin and other languages. *I do not own either game, Sgt= Sergeant and Cpl. = Corporal, PFC= Private First Class, (Raven Hearst and Cinderstone Orphanage Fanfic)*


3. Case #2: Ravenhearst Manor pt. 1

It was actually fifteen hours, because we had a two hour lay over at Heathrow and then an hour pit-stop in Waterloo. Finally we touch down at Blackpool International. After grabbing our bags we searched for our contact, Detective Bourne. Detective Bourne waves us over to where he's standing.

"Good Morning you three. Welcome to Blackpool.".

"Good Morning to you as well as, Detective Bourne." Dustin says. They shake hands and begin speaking in what I like to call 'guy code'. I can sense that voice even more, it's still warning us about whatever we're getting into. 

Detective Bourne begins handing Dustin a case file and I snatch it from him. I begin flipping through the file, my eyes never looking away as we walked towards the taxi. There's a note from the Queen,  it reads;

Welcome my dearest friends, 

There has been a lot of weird things happening at Ravenhearst. I would be most overly joyed if you and your team could figure out what is happening. Detective Bourne will help you if needed. All fines are waived in the event of you having to break something to get something done. As I have said before, please find out what is going on and put a stop to it.

Yours truly, 

The Queen


I loo up to find that I am in the cross walk and a tractor trailer heading towards me. I stand like a deer in some headlights. I don't see Dustin tackle me, just as the truck speeds by us. We both land on the ground, Maria and Detective Bourne running over to us. They ask if we're okay and both Dustin and I nod.

"That was close Ms. Charlie. Mr. Dustin would of lost you.".

"Yes, that was close Cpl. Kitman.".

Detective Bourne looks at me funny, until Dustin says, "One of the ghosts Maria, Charlie and I can see.". Detective Bourne nods his head and walks us to his car, instead of the taxi. I keep looking over my shoulder, through the back window of the car, wondering if I should regret taking this case.

"Charlie, what have you read so far about the case," Dustin asks, bringing me out of my thoughts.

"Emma RavenHearst, was a girl from Iowa, who moved to England after becoming a teacher.".

"And that's all it says, about her?".

"Oh, no, there's more, but I was saving that for later, Dustin. First we need to see if anyone remembers what they've heard about it, find some old news paper clipping, read them and figure out another plan. Secondly, interview some of the descendents of that era. Thirdly, get something to eat, because I can tell that you, Dustin are starving. Finally, get to the mansion and set to work.".

Detective Bourne asks, "Is she always like that, Dustin?".

I glare at Dustin, my expression telling him to choose his words wisely.

"Only when she's focused on a case.". We stop at a fast food place and then head over to the city's archives. Once we're standing in the archives, Detective Bourne introduces us to Marta Herring and Aaron Doss.

"Where are ya'll originally from," Dustin asks Detective Bourne, Marta and Aaron.

"Please call me 'Mason' and the three of us are from the States," Detective Bourne says.

"We're from Maryland," Aaron says, his arms wrapping around Marta's waist.

"I'm from Virginia," Mason says, running his right hand through his dirty blonde hair.

I nod, suddenly hell bent on walking to the 1890s' section of archives, everyone else right behind me. I pick up a few files, either Marta or Aaron handing me more as I walk down the aisle (no wedding pun intended). I begin leafing through the files after putting on some latex gloves.

"Bingo," I shout, causing everyone, including the two ghosts to jump.

"What is it?".

"More than what the case file is giving us, listen; Mr. Charles Dalimar, a young man of sophistication, was in love with a young woman whom he had met at an Autum Dance. The young woman's name was Ms. Emma Ravenhearst, from the State of Iowa. Frank Williams, a workman, for the Ravenhearst Mansion, fell from the roof to his doom. A long time later Ms. Ravenhearst received a letter, saying that her father was ill.  Ms. Ravenhearst and then falls ill. Her cause of death seemed to be.. ". 

"Seems to be what," Aaron asks, reading the page from over my right shoulder.

"That's the thing, it doens't say. It does however, say that another detective found out fifty years ago, but that information was lost when the detective died of a heart attack," Dusty replies.

Ravenhearst? Charles Dalimar? What is the connection to all of this, I think, rereading each page with thorough eyes, especially with two ghost hovering over my shoulder, reading the papers themselves. 

"Eureka! Found it," Dusty shouts, causing us to jump again.


"A Ms. Rose Summerset was hired as a nurse maid, to help Mr. Dalimar with the care of Ms. Ravenhearst. Several years after Ms. Ravenhearst died, Ms. Summerset and her daughter went missing," Dusty says, meeting my eyes.

This case just became a hell of a lot bigger than we'd hoped for.

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