Abandoned (Raven Hearst and Cinderstone Orphanage Fanfic)

Charlie is no ordinary girl, 1.) She can see ghost and communicate with them & 2.) She can speak some latin and other languages. *I do not own either game, Sgt= Sergeant and Cpl. = Corporal, PFC= Private First Class, (Raven Hearst and Cinderstone Orphanage Fanfic)*


2. Case #1: Union Deep pt. 2 (Prologue)

I must've fallen asleep, because I hear three 'Wake ups' and a dog barking. I look in the rearview to find both Sgt. and Cpl. Kitman. I shake my head and then say, "Shadow, out." as I open the door. Dustin, Shadow and I walked down the dimly light corridor to the autopsy suite, because Chief Garcia's assistant told us he'd be down there.

"Shadow, sit.". Shadow obediently sits outside the autopsy exam suite. I look at Dustin and ask, "Ready?". Dustin nods, as do the two ghosts following me. I shake my head and then push the door open, ready to face some what of a living hell. After we walk into the exam suite I am hit with the scent of fired musket ball and burnt gun powder, signaling another  Civil War Soldier. 

I drop to my knees, covering my ears with my hands. Not now, I can't handle this right now. 

"Unions and Confederates cannot be friends, The Kitman brothers are breaking that rule right now. For that you shall pay, Charlotte.".

"I CAN NOT DEAL WITH THIS YOU YANKEE SCUM.". Sgt. Kitman looks at me and I mouth 'Not you.'. I stand back up staring at the new Union ghost standing in front of me. I close my eyes, for I am about to break one of the Agency rules.

"Ready.". Cpl Kitman and Sgt. Kitman recognize the command and ready their rifles.

"Aim.". With quick precision they aim they're rifles at the other Union Soldier.

"Wait! Don't shout, I am sorry, Daughter of Malcom. Please don't fire at me, for I am just a Union messenger with a request from BOTH sides of the war.".

"Sgt. Kitman, Cpl. Kitman, stand down.".

"Sir, yes, Sir.".

"State your business, Soldier.".

"PFC Markus McHanna, 12th Pennsylvania. Sgt. Kitman knows me.".

"Is that true, Sgt. Kitman?".

"Yes, PFC McHanna was one of my soldiers, speak McHanna.".

"What is the message PFC McHanna?".

"Go to Gettysburg, Find Maria Kitman, Sgt. Kitman's many greats grandaughter. She shall help you from there. She can see ghosts like you and young Dustin.".

"You are dismissed, PFC McHanna.". PFC McHanna disappears and I look to Chief Garcia. He nods his head and says, "Go. I will have Dr. Beaker put the body back in one of the coolers until you get back.".

*Four hours later in Gettysburg*

Dustin is sitting in the passenger seat, massaging the sides of his head. I stifle a laugh, remembering that Dustin is some what new at this. I park the truck outside of the house we need to go up to. A woman is standing on the front porch waving at us. Dustin and I  walk onto the porch and the woman beckons us to sit.

"Hello, I am Maria.".

"Hello, Maria, I am Charlie and this is my friend Dustin.".

"Why are you here?".

"A friend of your great grandfather sent us.".

Maria gasps and looks around. She opens the front door, asking us to come inside. Dustin and I walk into this little foyer and Maria shuts the door, sighing in relief. She looks around again, fear showing a bit in hear eyes.

"PFC McHanna sent you?".

"Yes, Ma'am.".

"Sgt. Kitman here as well?".

"Yes, Ma'am.".

Maria smiles behind me waving at Sgt. Kitman. Dustin looks at the ground, then snaps his head up. His blue eyes are glowing gold, something that only happens during a possession, atleast to him anyway.

"Where is it! Where's the dreaded thing that is keeping me here!".

"Dustin, what the hell are you talking about?".

"Who the hell are you?".

Speaking in fluent Latin I try to banish the evil ghost. Dustin collapses to the floor, keeping his eyes closed. I can still sense the evil ghost, but I know that it won't try to do that again. Maria ushers us into a different room and Dustin sits on one of the couches, massaging the sides of his head again. 

"Who was that?".

"A Confederate Soldier that keeps haunting my home, trying to get me to help him find something that is keeping him bound to this earth.".

"What is he looking for?".

"A ri-ri-rif-rifle. A rifle that was lost during the war.".

"Is their anyway that you know where it could be?".

"Somewhere out on Gettsyburg Battle Field.".

I make a gulping noise, for that is a national park and we were going to end up breaking the law. Maria shakes her head and hands me a note. It reads;

Dear Maria, 

I am the head of the Gettysburg Battle Field National Park, and have reviewed your request to go and dig up something up, for your agency. Please come by my offices when you can. Bring any friends that are with you as well. 


Markus Reeding.

We all pile into Dustin's truck again and head towards the Gettysburg Battle Field national park. After twenty minutes I'm scouring the brush and the woods for a 150 year old rifle! I watch a shadow flicker near one of the head stones.

"Dusty, check out the movement near the trees.".

"I see it, Charlie. Maria, did you see that?".

"Yes, Dustin and Charlie. It is the ghost that you sensed earlier.".

"Do you think he's leading us somewhere?".

"Yeah, Maria, Charlie, let's follow him.".

The shadow/ghost figure flickers again near the head stone. I can hear him angrily hissing and taunting us, me mainly. I begin walking, trance like, towards him. The smell of gun powder getting stronger and stronger as I walked.

Images if Gettysburg flash before my eyes, all of that three day bloody battle. Thousands upon hundreds of soldiers dying all around me, the gun powder smell the strongest now. I watch the soldier I was following die right in front of me, his rifle flying off somewhere in the bushes in front of me.

"Maria! Dustin! Sgt. Kitman! Cpl. Kitman! I think I've found the rifle! Come over here quickly!".

They rush over to me and I point towards the woods and bushes. Maria hands me a flash light and Cpl. Kitman walks with me, acting like he's going to defend my honor. The smell of gun powder gets to it's strongest point when I get near a stream.


Dustin, Maria and Sgt. Kitman rush towards me, excitement on their faces. Dustin begins digging where Cpl. Kitman is standing, eagerness in his face. I kneel to the ground and pick up a rusted rifle, dating back to the 1860's.

"We found it!" Maria shouts. All of a sudden a whole group of Rebels and Yankees (Confederates and Unions) are surrounding us.  I see PFC McHanna, Sgt. Kitman, Cpl. Kitman and the unnamed  Confederate raising their rifles at the group.

They begins asking us questions, mainly about why we are trespassing. Maria shows one of the Union soldiers her note. He nods and then shouts to all of his "friends", "They have permission from General Reeding's  many greats grandson, we most leave them so Sgt. McArgent can cross into the light.".

With that they disappear, leaving us with the rifle. Maria calls Mr. Reeding and he comes and gets the rifle to put in the Gettysburg museum.  Maria hitches a ride with us back to Nashville so she can get a job with our agency.

We reach the Rangers headquarters about three or four hours later and Maria was approved for a job with us. Chief Garcia said that he took care of Shadow while I was gone, even showing me that she was sleeping on the couch in his office.

Dr. Beaker, ushers us back into the suite, a coffin setting on one of the tables. I begin getting images of a girl from the 1890's. I begin shaking my head, which causes everyone, including the ghosts, watching me.

"What do you see?".

"A girl from maybe 1894 to 1895 England. It's not really clear. I do know this is not her coffin.".

"Is that all, Charlie?".

"Yes, Dustin.".

"I see that too, Guys.".

"As do I.".

Dr. Beaker nods his head at every word Dustin, Maria and I say. Chief Garcia too. I hear distant voices, possibly from another country.

"Dustin, Charlie, Maria. Pack your bags, you're heading to Blackpool, England to help with a case  that over 119 to 120 years old.".

"That's one hell of a cold case, Chief.".

"That is sure, Dustin. Now go.".

Dustin and I head to our respected homes, Maria heading to the nearest Walmart to buy herself some new clothes. We all meet at the airport, Chief Garcia gives us more instructions. It's about a twelve hour flight to Blackpool, not even counting any pit-stops for fuel. As we board the plane and take our respected seats that are thankfully in the same row, I keep hearing that distant voice, warning us of danger.

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