Abandoned (Raven Hearst and Cinderstone Orphanage Fanfic)

Charlie is no ordinary girl, 1.) She can see ghost and communicate with them & 2.) She can speak some latin and other languages. *I do not own either game, Sgt= Sergeant and Cpl. = Corporal, PFC= Private First Class, (Raven Hearst and Cinderstone Orphanage Fanfic)*


1. Case #1: Union Deep pt. 1 (Prologue)


I hear the alarm clock go off, waking me from a wonderous sleep. Well not so wonderous when you have dead people trying to talk to you. I sit up and stretch, not wanting to make a sound. I hear, "Hello, Ms. Charlie.".

"Hello, Cpl. Kitman.".

"Nice to see you again.".

"Yes, Cpl. Kitman, nice to see you as well.". Cpl. Kitman is a Confederate ghost that has been hanging around me since I was sixteen, so atleast two years (I am 18 now). Though only I can see him, others have told me about him.

"Cpl., what's on the agenda for today?".

"Well, it's only 8:30 in the morning, I suggest you take a nice shower before our guest shows up.". 

I trip over a crumpled rug and nearly fall flat on my face. I catch myself with my hands and then stand back up, brushing any dust off of my pajamas. I look over at Cpl. Kitman, his grey uniform shimmering in the light and his black heavy boots making clunking sounds as he walks across the floor of my room.

"What guest, Cpl. Kitman?".

"A young man named, Dustin Long, I presume. Did you forget that you and he made plans last evening.". Dustin Long, Dustin Long, shit, DUSTY! I had totally forgot that my friend Dusty is coming over.

"Thank you, Cpl. Kitman. What should I wear.".

"Since it is just, Mr. Dustin, jeans, a long sleeve t-shirt, the purple one he likes so much, and you hair in a messy bun.".

"Thank you again, Cpl. Kitman, you are dismissed for now.". Cpl. Kitman nods his ghostly head and disappears. I heed his advice and head over to my dresser. I find a pair of jeans that are ripped at the knees, that purple shirt and my other clothing that I will need.

I walk into the bathroom where I see the other Civil War ghost that follow me around, except this one is Sgt. Kitman, Union Soldier and Cpl. Kitman's brother. I nod to Sgt. Kitman, who nods back.

"How are you, Ms. Charlie?".

"I am fine, but I need you to do something for me.".

"Yes, Ms. Charlie? What is the task you require me to do?".

"I need you and your brother to behave, just for a few hours atleast.".

"Is young Dustin coming over, Ms. Charlie?".

"Yes, Sgt. Kitman, so; no battles between you and your brother, no calling any Union or Confederate troops to reinact the battle and finally, DO NOT WHAT SO EVER TRY TO MAKE ME FALL IN LOVE WITH DUSTIN.". Sgt. Kitman does a mock rebel yell and Cpl. Kitman is standing beside him.

"Dearest Brother, you call?".

"Yes, Brother, I called thee here.".

"Dearest Brother, why?".

"Ms. Charlie has some rules for us."

"Dearest Brother, what are the rules Ms. Charlie has set for us now?".

"No battles between you and I, no calling any Union or Confederate troops to reinact our battles and finally, DO NOT WHAT SO EVER TRY TO MAKE MS. CHARLIE FALL IN LOVE WITH MR. DUSTIN.".

I mentally face palm myself and then say, "Now if you boys would mind.". Sgt. and Cpl. Kitman look at me confused until, Cpl. Kitman says, "Dearest Brother, I believe Ms. Charlie wishes to have privacy.".

"Yes, I wish to have privacy. But before either of you leave, I need one more thing.".


"Don't freak Shadow out please. Last time she sensed you, her barking wouldn't stop .".

"(Sgt. Kitman) Who is this 'Shadow' character?".

I let a low whistle escape my lips and a big ball of brown and white fur rushes through the bathroom door.

"Gentlemen, this is Shadow Montoya. She is my German Shepherd/Husky mix.". As if Shadow agrees she barks twice. I see Sgt. and Cpl. Kitman nod and then both vanish. I take my pajamas off and jump in the shower. After twenty minutes I walk down the steps, dressed (Once again Cpl. Kitman said to dress like this) in my jeans ripped at the knees, my purple long sleeved shirt and my dirty blonde hair in a messy bun.

"Hey, Charlie.".

"Hey, Dusty.".

"We have to go down to the department, because Chief Garcia needs us.". Dustin and I work for a special part of the Tennessee Rangers, solving crimes others can't. I slip on my flipflops and get ready to leave.

"I see Sgt. Kitman and Cpl. Kitman standing behind you, Charlie.". I forgot to mention that Dusty is like me, meaning he can see ghosts too.I look behind me and see them. Shaking my head I ask, "Coming with us?".

"Yes, Ms. Charlie.". I nod, agreeing that they could come, even hollering for Shadow. She bounds down the steps, leash in her mouth. The three of us (five if you want to include the two ghosts with us) hop in Dusty's '05 Chevy Silverado. It's atleast two hours to Nashville, so Shadow lays her head across my lap and I turn on the radio. 

The song, 'Crazy Town' by Jason Aldean begins playing. I don't care what I'm getting myself into. All I do care about is that I have my 'team', Dustin, Shadow, Cpl. Kitman & Sgt. Kitman. We're going to need all the help we can get.

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