Hate Is The New Love

"I know you want me" he whispered, "In your fucking dreams Styles" I said "We would be doing much more in my dreams babe"
Jasmine and Harry have hated each other since the moment they laid eyes on each other, are they going to clash or is hate the new love?


3. Chapter 3

Monday finally rolled round and I reluctantly got out of bed. I did my usual routine shower, get dressed,do my make up and run out the door (because I'm always late), I grabbed my keys and got in my car. I sped to school probably breaking all the the speed limits. I finally walked into form taking my usual seat at the back. Scar passes me my morning coffee "your a lifesaver" I said.

Hazel my other friend walked in and took her usual seat next to me "Jas! what the fuck happened to your neck?" "What!" I screamed scar took out a mirror when it finally dawned on me they were talking about the bright purple bruise on my neck. I had used half of my concealer and nearly a full bottle of foundation on it this morning and nothing was covering it.

"I'll tell you later" I mouthed as the teacher started talking.

"Now class we are very lucky that that our school is taking part in a student transfer for the remainder of this year, please welcome Harry Styles who will be joining this class for the remainder of this year."

I didn't even hear what name he said, I didn't have to, I was greeted with familiar green orbs. His mouth tugging up in a smirk when his eyes met mine.

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