Hate Is The New Love

"I know you want me" he whispered, "In your fucking dreams Styles" I said "We would be doing much more in my dreams babe"
Jasmine and Harry have hated each other since the moment they laid eyes on each other, are they going to clash or is hate the new love?


2. Chapter 2

My heart thumped out of my chest as I saw his confusion mask his beautiful features. My mind raced as my breathing hitched and became uneven.

His face full of confusion matched mine exactly as his eyes traveled up and down my skinny frame. I felt his eyes not so subtly undress me from head to toe making my anger boil.

His confusion slowly faded and all that was left was a lopsided smirk on his plump lips. I couldn't think straight as my mind raced to what they would feel like against mine- no! You hate him, remember? He's a dick! Remember what he said to Scar!

"Just can't stay away, can you babe?" My eyes shut with the anger boiling to a breaking point. I opened them again to find his smirk even wider. "In your fucking dreams" I spat expecting him to back down but it only seemed to encourage him more. "Oh believe me we are definitely doing more in my dreams" he trailed off as his eyes became darker.

I was about to just let my anger explode when I heard light pattering footsteps come closer to us. He wiped his smirk clean off his face as Anne entered the now deadly quite dining room. "Oh good Jasmine, I see you've met Harry" she rushed as she wiped flour on her already dirty apron. I wonder if she knows just how much of a an asshole her son is?

"Oh mum, do you want me to help in the kitchen or something?" He sweetly asked. Ugh, I guess not then. "No Harry, love, Jasmine's mum Elizabeth is helping me right now" he nodded slowly swiftly switching gazes between me and his mum.

It went quite for a bit until his mum loudly cleared her throat "oh Jas did you know Harry is really into music, you being a music producer and all..." She trailed off as I warily nodded my head not knowing where his was heading. "Harry why don't you show Jason and Jas some of your stuff up stairs." Harry smirked at me with flirty eyes. "Yeah Jas why don't we?" He huskily replied.

I looked over at my brother Jason with pleading eyes hoping he wouldn't leave me with him. "Yeah, um maybe not I-I think my mum wants me" he stuttered. Damn! I'll fucking kill him when we get home! Jason quickly scurried out of the dining room and into the kitchen as fast as he could.

Another shrill beeping noise went of in the kitchen making me and Harry jump from the tension building up between us. "Oh!" Anne quickly hurried out of the dining room to source the noise.

"Well Jas are you as scared as your brother there or are you going to join me?" He questioned. Giving me another dark smirk he took one step towards the stairs. I DEFINITELY wasn't going to let him win this one.

I smirked back at him and strode past him up the stairs even through I had absolutely no idea where I was going but it was worth it to see the shocked look on his face. He quickly composed himself and strode past me confidently up the stairwell.

I followed him reluctantly until we came to a black door. He swiftly opened it and nearly shut it right in my face. "Oh Jesus watch it!" He just had that stupid smirk plastered on his face that I would just love to wipe off of his face- "Jas!" He shouted in my face I only now realised that he was repeating my name. "Just couldn't help yourself staring at me could you" he taunted.

I only realised I was staring at him while I was daydreaming. "No I-" he cut me off "doesn't matter now" he said. "Where's your bathroom?" I asked "down the hall third door on the right" he replied "ok thanks" I said. I walked into the bathroom trying to get my breathing under control, what am I going to do? I have to go back and I'll be alone with him! I reached for my phone to text Scar, I really could use some advice right now. Shit! It's not there I left it in his room! I really have to go back now.

I washed my hands and exited the bathroom walking down the hall, I took a deep breath and entered his room. Surprisingly I couldn't see anyone. Where did he go?

I felt two hands wrap around my waist and I screamed. "Shhh" I heard a familiar raspy voice say "we don't want anyone coming upstairs now do we?" He whispered in my ear, his curls tickling my neck. I felt my breathing quicken at his words, "what the hell do you think your doing!" I said, trying to escape from his firm hold. "Don't act like you don't want it" he whispered in my ear, his lips making contact with my neck he left small kisses just under my earlobe and continued until he was pressing open mouth kisses to my neck.

My breathing increased rapidity with his touch. As I finally calmed down and came to my senses I realised what he was doing. "What the fuck? Get off me!" I said as I struggled out of his grasp.

I finally broke free turning around to be met with his signature smirk. "What the fuck!" I screamed. He grabbed my arm and pushed me against the wall, "I know you want me" he whispered while peppering my neck with kisses.

"In your dreams Styles" I said struggling agains his strength. He pressed his body against mine, trapping me between the wall and his tall frame. He started sucking on my neck hungrily.

I felt my head go dizzy as I enjoyed the feeling of his touch. Wait what! What the hell am I thinking I hate him, what the fuck! I heard a voice abruptly pull me from my thoughts "Jas time to go" my mum called. "Coming" I called breaking out if my trance.

"You might want to hide that hickey before you go downstairs babe,what would your dad say?" Harry smirked.

"What! You left me with a hickey, I have school tomorrow you prick! how am i supposed to cover it!" I frantically screamed "your problem babe" he said.

"Harry, Jasmine" Anne called. "Coming mom" Harry shouted. I grabbed my phone, covering my hickey with my hair just praying no one would notice.

We walked downstairs and everyone was saying goodbye. As walked towards the door as I heard Anne say to Harry "say goodbye to Jasmine Harry"

Harry pulled me into a hug as he said "bye" I replied "bye see you later" before I pulled away he whispered in my ear "I'll be seeing you sooner than you think babe" making shivers run down my spine.

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