Hate Is The New Love

"I know you want me" he whispered, "In your fucking dreams Styles" I said "We would be doing much more in my dreams babe"
Jasmine and Harry have hated each other since the moment they laid eyes on each other, are they going to clash or is hate the new love?


1. Chapter 1

As I walked through the door the familiar scent of coffee and cinnamon drifted through the air. It was finally Friday and I breathed a sigh of relief, a familiar voice abruptly pulled me from my thoughts. It was my best friend Scarlet "what are you going to order?" She asked, I scanned through the menu "Immmm a caramel frappchino" I finally decided. "k, two caramel frappchinos please" she ordered. We waited for our drinks.

As I turned around a tall shadow caught my eye, I saw a boy his arms inked with tattoos, his eyebrow and lip was pierced and he was wearing all black. He practically screamed trouble, but yet I couldn't take my eyes off him. I watched him as he gracefully moved through the tables to order. "Jas, Jas, Jasmine!" Said Scar "Ha" I said "found another boyfriend" laughed Scar cocking her eyebrow. "Ha ha nope my mum would probably have a fit you know what she's like" I laughed. "Have to agree with you there" she exclaimed.

Our drinks were finally called as we walked towards the exit I glimpsed around looking for the mysterious boy that had me so captivated, he was no where to be seen. He must of left I thought as I pushed the thoughts from my mind turning my attention back to Scar, who was babbling about some new pair of shoes she wanted to buy.

I was so engrossed in the conversation going on between me and Scar that I didn't even notice the shadowy figure move in front of us. Scar ran right into the chest of the tattooed covered boy. "Ouch!" Scar screamed bloody murder as the mysterious figure spilled his boiling hot coffee all over Scar's top, burning her. My heart trumped out of my chest as I watched his lopsided grin turn into a scowl as we all realised what just happened.

"Oh sorry, s-s-sorry" she stuttered as the menacing figure loomed over Scar's petite frame. "Watch where you're going" he spat angrily right in her face. I saw her take a small step back from the boy. There was nothing but anger written on his face as his piercing green eyes scanned over me. I suddenly felt myself now feeling really self conscious, it's not as if i was that bad looking, I had on black studded leather shorts, a white crop top with 'Heartbreaker' written on it, with black heeled ankle boots. The black complemented my strawberry blonde hair and my pale blue eyes.

"Hey, your the one who spilled boiling hot coffee on her, dickhead" his eyes turned dark with anger. "Listen here bitch, she ran into me" "whatever I don't have time for your bullshit right now" we walked off towards my car. I dropped Scar off at her house and headed to the studio for work.

"Hey guys" I said as I walked in. "HEY JAS!!"Ashton screamed. Luke was sitting on his phone filming Callum and Michael was playing his guitar. I'm a music producer so I work with different bands and singers, right now I'm producing five seconds of summers new album. "Right, do you guys wanna start recording now? I have to leave at six because new neighbours have moved in beside me and they invited my whole family over for dinner, my mom warned me not to be late." "Sure lets start" Luke replied. After we recorded a couple of songs we started to pack up, I checked the time on my phone Shit! I'm going to be late, it was 5:00 and I still had to get ready!

I raced home. "Sorry mum recording ran over" I shouted as I raced upstairs to my room. I started on my make up putting on my foundation, eye shadow, blusher and finally adding a thick line of black eyeliner over my eyelids. I added red lipstick to complete the look and started my hair. I curled my hair and fell into lose waves down my back. I walked over to my wardrobe deciding what to wear. I eventually picked a short black dress that came to mid thigh, black high heels and a black leather jacket. I rushed downstairs "I'm ready" "finally" said my brother Jason. We got in the car and drove over. Apparently they have a daughter but she's at university at the moment so we won't get to see her.

We arrived moments later and walked up to the door. My mum rang the doorbell and a women in her late 40s answered, "Hi, come on on in" we followed the woman until we reached a beautiful mahogany wooden dining table. "Hello love my names Anne" she shook my hand as she turned abruptly to the sudden beeping noise coming from the kitchen "oh excuse me!" She quickly scurried out of the dining room with my mom hot on her trails saying "I'll come and help you!" Desperate to make a good first impression. I turned around towards the stairs as I heard a small creak coming from around there expecting nothing but a stranger, and yet I met the sight of familiar green orbs.

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