Love Against Fate

Neville and Luna were not destined for each other, but a spark was there... One that was never lit, and one day they both thought... What if????? At the age of 28 and 29, both have been widowed due to a brief death eater uprising. They are suddenly left with no one but each other and the spark is set alight ( not hunger games fan fiction, sorry!) all credit to JK Rowling for all characters and just being a total inspiration! Enjoy!


1. The Gathering

The Hogwarts reunion was a quiet affair this year. Everyone knew it would be. Many who should have attended would have been too lost in grief and others were just no longer here.

Two years ago, Fenir Greyback got restless. Azkaban was full to the brim with prisoners since Voldemort's death and new ones were being discovered each year. He used this to his advantage and so fulfilled the prophecy that Sybil Trelawney had predicted months after the battle of Hogwarts:

He whose ties with the Dark Lord could never be broken

He whose mind is both wizard and animal, shall break free of that which binds him and rise to power

Wether it will be brief or eternal lies in the hands of those who were the downfall of his master...

Harry, Ron and Hermione of course listened to this prophecy, as Sybil Trelawney had earnt their belief, many years previously. However they did not expect the crowd of death eaters to outnumber themselves on the day of the fight.

Many died fighting and others died fleeing Diagonal Alley. Hannah Abbot and Newt Scammander were among those murdered...


I looked around the Great Hall and many happy memories came flooding back. Even though I taught here, it was hard to take the time to remember your own happy moments once more. How could I have even considered not coming down to see everyone?

First I saw Hermione and Ron pointing at the floating candles and enchanted ceiling above them. I had not seen the couple for ages and was really happy when I saw Hermione and Ron clutching the hand of Rose-who must have grown ten inches in the past two years, and cradling an adorable baby boy in the other.

" Hello you two!" I called, walking quickly over to them.

"Neville!" Said Hermione, kissing me on the cheek.

"Neville," said Ron, shaking my hand and patting me on the back.

"It seems like ages Neville, we have missed you! This is Hugo, he's only three months old!"

Hermione spoke in that gentle voice of hers, gave me another hug and I left the two together, smiling into each others eyes. I missed that more than anything... My Hannah's brown eyes....

Next I saw Harry and Ginny who had left their children at home, but were still enjoying themselves.

" How are you finding teaching Neville? We almost forget it sometimes as you seem to be a natural!" Commented Ginny, her red hair practically glowing.

" oh, you know... I really do love it! It feels good to be the nice teacher. I heard a group of first years talking about me the other day and they were saying that I was the kindest teacher they had! If that is the only thing I achieve as a teacher than I'll be happy!"

"Well I'm not surprised but that is great Neville! We have been thinking about you and want you to know we are still here for you, whenever. .. Anyway we should definitely arange to meet up in the summer!" Said Harry... I always forget how kindhearted one person can be.

Before I wandered back up to my room, I spotted Luna Lovegood sitting on the corner of the Ravenclaw table. Time had aged her well and she looked so beautiful- but still the same Luna. Her blonde hair was still long and wavy and she wore blueberry earrings with a knee-length sapphire blue dress and heels. Everyone had dressed up well but she was the "Cinderella girl " in my opinion. However it was clear she was still mourning - a black floaty shawl was wrapped round her shoulders covered in golden snitch wings and her eyes had no spark...

"When will I get another chance?" I thought, and with that I walked over to her, calling her name and smiling.

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